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Minutes of Strategic Action Committee Meeting –

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Newtown Municipal Center

Newtown, CT

A meeting of the Strategic Action Committee of the Cable Advisory Council was held on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 at the Newtown Municipal Center, Newtown, Connecticut.

Chairman Gregory Davis called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Strategic Action Committee is to guide the chairman with issue priorities for deliberation by the full advisory council.

ATTENDEES: Chairman Gregory Davis (Roxbury), Vice Chairman Mike Muttitt (Monroe), Secretary Kevin Burns (Newtown), Gerry Belanger (Newtown Alternate)

ROLL CALL: Chairman Gregory G. Davis provided documentation packages for the meeting. He reviewed the agenda and package contents.



Network Channel Carriage and Format issues: Gerry Belanger

Followup on HD vs. SD issue from January CAC meeting: WVIT (ch6 NBC) is not HD in Fairfield – Why Not:? G.. Belanger sent written letter to WVIT who responded- “No restriction to HD carriage in Fairfield County (NYC Demographic Market Area).” WVIT is carried on cable channel 6, at least on the Fairfield County system.  We do know that the New York stations are in SD, but not in HD in the Litchfield area. We do not know whether this is a legal thing or a business decision by Charter.  That is the question we might try to answer before we meet with Charter.  I suggest "Charter is carrying the following stations in SD, but not in HD:  (list of channels).  We would like to determine the reason for this." Gerry to pursue.

Basic Service Tier Promotion. The Roxbury First Selectman wants to see the program revived, per 28 Jan 2015 meeting discussion with GGDavis. The original program documents are now due for an update.

Membership outreach Committee- Vice Chairman Mike Muttitt noted another outreach will be performed in April, for the purpose of appointment documents followup and encourage involvement by towns without active council representation.

Annual Treasury Audit Committee- No Report

SAC Mission Pool Updates- Details in New Business Draft Motion Proposals


Cable Industry News Desk Update:

A report of the events over the last 30 days was reviewed. Tom Wheeler at FCC seems to have taken the 4 million public responses about Internet Service to heart. He is now recommending Title II reclassification of internet service. The FCC has issued a ruling the Broadband Internet service is defined as 25Mb/S and higher. Tom Wheeler is girding for a huge legal fight with the Cable and Telco Companies over Internet service reclassification. The OTT market penetration march into the Bundled cable package continues. Sports Content is now widely recognized as the CHIEF Culprit in the excessive cost increases to in cable TV. The song remains the same.

PURA Annual Report Compliance Filing:

Chairman Davis has submitted the Compliance filing of the annual Advisory Council Report to the PURA. G. Belanger noted a spelling error to be corrected.

Chairman Report – Legislative Initiative:

Proposed CT House Bill 6436, 37, & 38 were noted for the SOCAP initiative. Public Hearings are to be scheduled at the E&T committee.

Draft Motion Proposals:

1. PURA needs to define the annual “Audit” requirement for cable advisory councils.

2. Ask the Community Access Coordinators about future timetables and plans for linear and on-demand bit-streaming of Community Access program content.

3. Ask Charter to Consolidate the Public affairs channels next to each other: CTN & CSPAN + Educational + Public Access Channels.

4. Ask Charter to improve the user programmable interface….remove the clunky & complex hurdles to self programming the channel surfing sequence.

5. Advise Charter to UPGRADE Community & Educational Access to Full HD.

6. Ask PURA to issue order statewide: to provide dedicated P-E-G channel slots for towns which can prove the need for additional transmission channel capacity.


Notifications of Meetings and Minutes updates for Town Websites:

K. Burns noted that Newtown town website was lacking current information. He inquired as the process of town notifications and FOI compliance. GGDavis described the website and the annual filing with PURA are the current methods of publication. USPS paper hard copy distribution requirements are not clear… Digital distribution lists may satisfy. Mr. Burns will investigate further.

SVAC Update:

Members Muttit & Belanger requested an update on SVAC activities. GGDavis & Jon Bernon (Woodbury Rep) attended the 14 Jan 2015 SVAC meeting. GGD raised a point of order at the meeting – SVAC Bylaws require annual elections with terms to begin in January – and elections should be held immediately. This requirement was not done at the December meeting, and still absent from the January agenda. The acting chairwomen, declared that the Point of order to hold the election was out of order, and became hysterical about her meeting disruption. Her response was incorrect per Parlimentary Procedure Expert - Jon Bernon. As of 9 February 2015, all further SVAC meetings have been cancelled until April 2015. Belanger noted that the meeting cancellations could be construed as an attempt to derail the SOCAP legislative initiative.


Gregory Davis adjourned the meeting at 8:52pm

Cable Advisory Council Strategic Action Committee


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