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Minutes of Strategic Action Committee Meeting –

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Newtown Municipal Center

Newtown, CT

A meeting of the Strategic Action Committee of the Cable Advisory Council was held on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at the Newtown Municipal Center, Newtown, Connecticut.

Chairman Gregory Davis called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

ATTENDEES: Chairman Gregory Davis (Roxbury), Vice Chairman Mike Muttitt (Monroe), Kevin Burns (Newtown), Jim Lang (Trumbull) and Gerry Belanger (Newtown Alternate)

Members introduced themselves.

The purpose of the Strategic Action Committee is to guide the chairman and to determine roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Council and how to better serve subscribers.

Chairman Gregory Davis provided the committee with an agenda for tonight’s meeting reviewed the packets.



SAC Mission Pool Updates- Chairman Gregory Davis will go over the Mission pool and email to council members.

Basic Service Tier Promotion- Chairman Davis spoke of the Cable Advisory Council’s attempt to have Charter advertise and promote the Basic Service Tier. It was noted that it is very difficult for customers to find out information and pricing for the Basic Tier. There was a brief discussion and it was noted that there doesn’t seem to be a push from Senior Centers to promote this product.

The council noted that AT&T also does not have their Basic Service price prevalent on their website. It was decided that the council should notify this to the Statewide Video Advisory Council and ask that they relay this information to Frontier.

The CAC will keep the issue of Basic Service Tier on future agendas.

Membership outreach Committee- Vice Chairman Mike Muttitt noted that he is in the process of updating appointments of Cable Advisory Council members and read a sample letter that he will be sending to the First Selectmen of all 19 towns to confirm appointments and ask for volunteers. This letter explained the mission of the CAC and noted qualifications for members.

Prospective volunteers are invited to come to the next Cable Advisory Council meeting on November 11th.

Mr. Muttitt will research appointments for school boards and Gerry Belanger will research appointments for library employees.

Annual Treasury Audit Committee- Treasurer Paul Katzmark is working on engaging an auditor.


Correspondence- Chairman Davis noted that he received an email from Roxbury First Selectman Barbara Henry that was forwarded from an upset customer about the “all digital” transition. Mr. Davis sent a letter to this customer which he put on the CAC’s website which explains this transition. In this letter, he explains alternatives to Charter and invites members of the public to the attend CAC meetings. There was a brief discussion of this letter and it was noted that it should explain which options provide community access and it was noted that it should be limited to two pages.

Cable Industry News- Late September- Early October

Chairman Davis spoke of Cable News from Late September 2014-October 2014. There was a brief discussion among the council members regarding these articles.

Chairman Report

A Secure Future for Community Access Television

Chairman Gregory Davis spoke of correspondence he had with Ruby O’Neill (wife of State Representative Arthur O’Neill) regarding having Representative O’Neill lobby for the secure future of Community Access Television. The main point of a letter written by Chairman Davis includes “What is Community Access Television” and explains Community Access created under Connecticut Law back in 1963. This letter further explains why Community Access Television is essential.

Chairman Davis spoke of “A Clear and Present Danger” and how the Institution of Community Access is now at serious risk. There was a discussion of the best way to get legislators on board with this. It was suggested that the Cable Advisory Council compile stories from across the state that enhance the benefits of Community Access Television.

Open Forum- There was a brief discussion of the Statewide Video Advisory Council and it was noted that their meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 29th. It was noted that it is essential for SVAC members to bring their representatives to this meeting.

MOTION: Gerry Belanger made a motion that the Steering Committee recommend that Chairman Gregory Davis be reimbursed $275.00 for the Connecticut Lobbying Conference on October 16th. Jim Lang seconded the motion.- All in favor


Gregory Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:28pm- All in favor

Cable Advisory Council Strategic Action Committee


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