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Minutes of Strategic Action Committee Meeting –

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Newtown Municipal Center

Newtown, CT

A meeting of the Strategic Action Committee of the Cable Advisory Council was held on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at the Newtown Municipal Center, Newtown, Connecticut.

Chairman Gregory Davis called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.

ATTENDEES: Chairman Gregory Davis (Roxbury), Carmella Amodeo (Newtown), Kevin Burns (Newtown), Donna Cassidy (Trumbull), Jonathan Gibney (Brookfield) and Paul Katzmark (Southbury)

The purpose of the Strategic Action Committee is to guide the chairman and to determine roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Council and how to better serve subscribers.

Chairman Gregory Davis provided the committee with an agenda for tonight’s meeting.



Annual Treasury Audit Committee

Treasurer Jonathan Gibney spoke of conducting an eternal audit for the council and noted that he contacted a CPA to inquire about this. It was determined that it would be cost prohibited to have a professional CPA conduct the audit. It was noted that in previous years, it was done by council members. It was noted that there should be at least two council members involved in the audit. This packet includes bank statements, receipts, invoices and treasury reports. There was a discussion of the possibility of disposing of old documents and it was decided that this will be discussed at the next council meeting.

Bylaws Review Committee

A special meeting needs to be called to adopt and modify bylaws of the council. Notification of this special meeting must be sent to all the towns and posted to the website at least 30 days in advance. The bylaws revisions must be sent to the council members at least 7 days in advance. It was decided that this meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 12th at 7pm immediately preceding the council meeting. Gregory Davis will send notification.

Membership outreach Committee

Gregory Davis encouraged volunteers to help Vice Chairman George Linkletter on the Membership outreach committee.

September Council Meeting Actions Update

Interconnection Status- update

Gregory Davis read a letter that he sent on September 23, 2013 to PURA (cc: Merja Lehtinen, SVAC) requesting that PURA issue an order to interconnect the designated community access provider channel between Charter and AT&T or refund all fees collected for access programming by never delivered to AT&T U-Verse subscribers since January 1, 2008.

After sending this letter, Chairman Davis received a phone call from an Assistant Commissioner at PURA asking what he thought needed to be done in this situation. Mr. Davis suggested that PURA reopen docket 13-07-09. Mr. Davis read a letter that he sent to PURA in response to this phone call requesting that the docket be reopened. It was noted that this was reopened but was subsequently denied.

Chairman Davis noted that he got an email from Charter Director of Government Relations Tom Cohan informing him that Charter received a proposed Interconnect contract from AT&T.

There was a discussion of laws regarding competition and interconnection. It was decided that Gregory Davis will make an appointment with PURA representatives to discuss this further.

Lowest Cost Basic Service promotion

Gregory Davis read a letter that he sent to Charter Director of Government Relations Tom Cohan and copied to PURA Chairman Dr. Arthur House and Merja Lehtinen from the Statewide Video Advisory Council noting that the council advises Charter to update their website and correctly publish the price and availability of the lowest cost basic cable services.

A response was received from Tom Cohan with an insert showing Charter prices that included the lowest price Charter TV Basic Service of $25.99.

There was a discussion of the lowest cost basic for Heritage Village and the cost of basic cable and extended basic. It was decided that this will be discussed further at the next meeting.


Cable Advisory Council Prime Directive

Gregory Davis spoke of the Prime Directive of the Cable Advisory Council and noted that the council is a legally created entity of the State of Connecticut and is charged with carrying forth the work set in CT law as an extension of PURA. Mr. Davis gave a summary of the CAC Mission and authority details specifics and noted that the council must be an independent third party.

The Strategic Action Committee went over the functions, authorities and responsibilities of the Cable Advisory Council. There was a brief discussion of the mission of the council and noted that it should be simple. There was a discussion of creating a revised Mission Statement. The SAC discussed the possibility of introducing a revised statement at the November meeting for a possible vote at the January meeting. It was suggested that a committee be formed to look into this further.

Open Forum- None


Gregory Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45pm. Donna Cassidy seconded the motion- Vote 6-0-0 (Motion approved)

Cable Advisory Council Strategic Action Committee


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