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Minutes of Public Regular Meeting –

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Newtown, CT

There was a regular meeting of the Cable Advisory Council called to order at 7:03 p.m., Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by Chairman Gregory Davis at the Charter Communications facility, Newtown, Connecticut.

ATTENDEES: Chairman Gregory Davis (Roxbury), Douglas Branson (Kent), Kevin Burns (Newtown), Jonathan Gibney (Brookfield), Ray Juskiewicz (New Fairfield), Paul Katzmark (Southbury), Jim Lang (Trumbull), Stephanie O’Rourke (Kent),

From Charter: Greg Van Antwerp (Public Access), and Heidi Vandenbrouch (Public Relations)

ROLL CALL: The board went over the packets with meeting documents.



Heidi Vandenbrouck: Public Relations and Communications Manager Heidi Vandenbrouck noted that:

Ray Juskiewicz noted that a New Fairfield resident was having problem with their cable. WABC has a picture but no sound. Heidi Vandenbrouck will look into this.

Greg Van Antwerp:


Treasurer Jonathan Gibney presented the following report for July 10, 2013 to September 10, 2013.

Assets as of 8/31/13

Business Advantage *748

$ 3,856.56

Business Money Market *043

$ 6,161.94

CD*802 renews on 9/6/2014


Accounts Receivables


Total Current Assets




Total Capital


Ordinary Income and Expenses



Administrative Services


Copies and materials


Mileage reimbursement (estimate)


Total Expenses


Net Income


MOTION: Kevin Burns made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report dated September 10, 2013 as presented. Stephanie O’Rourke seconded the motion. - All in favor


July meeting minutes- Jim Lang made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 9, 2013 council meeting as presented. Ray Juskiewicz seconded the motion.

Vote: All in favor

Bylaws Committee Report

Kevin Burns presented the committee with proposed revised bylaws for the CAC and spoke of current bylaws and noted additions and deletions. In order to change the bylaws, a special bylaws revision meeting is necessary. It was decided that this will be held immediately after the November 12th meeting. It was noted that any proposed revisions must be made available to members at least 7 days in advance. Chairman Gregory Davis will send the proposed revisions to the members.

Audit Committee Report

It was noted that according the CAC bylaws, an audit must be conducted regarding the CAC funds. Chairman Davis spoke of the audit and suggested hiring a CPA to look over the books and advise the council.


Statewide Video Advisory Council Meeting Report- The August SVAC meeting was postponed to a later date.

Council Action to correspond with US Senators and Representatives for CT

Chairman Gregory Davis read a letter that he prepared on the CAC’s behalf to Connecticut Legislators regarding an article by Senator John McCain entitled “Cable TV, Done the Right Way.” This letter will be sent to U.S. Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, U.S. Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal and U.S. Senator from Connecticut Christopher Murphy. Chairman Davis spoke of the actual bill for this programming S.912 and read a letter that he prepared as Chairman of the Cable Advisory Council describing his opinion supporting the Al la Carte option and Bill S.912. There was a discussion as to whether Mr. Davis’ analysis should be included in the letter sent to legislators.

Stephanie O’Rourke made a motion to include Chairman Davis’ analysis of Senate Bill S.912 with letters to the Connecticut Legislators. Paul Katzmark seconded the motion.

Vote: In favor: Paul Katzmark, Jonathan Gibney, Stephanie O’Rourke and Gregory Davis. Opposed: Douglas Branson, Kevin Burns, Ray Juskiewicz and Jim Lang. (Motion failed due to tie)

It was suggested that Mr. Davis send the analysis to the Connecticut Legislators under separate cover as a private citizen and not as the chairman of the Cable Advisory Council. Mr. Davis noted that he will not send the letter at this time, but will discuss it at a further meeting.

PURA Response to R19CWAC Intervenor

Chairman Gregory Davis spoke of a letter he sent to PURA on behalf of the council asking PURA to give negotiation assistance in order to achieve the interconnection between ATT U-Verse and Charter. This letter was sent to the PURA Chairman Dr. Arthur House c/o Kimberley Santopietro and copied to Charter Director of Government Relations Tom Cohan, AT&T Area Manager of External and Legislative Affairs Kinson Perry and Chairman of the Statewide Video Advisory Council Merja Lehtinen. Chairman Davis gave a brief summary and timeline of what has been done to date in order to encourage the Interconnection between AT&T and Charter.

Chairman Davis noted that a response letter has been received from PURA indicating that the council’s request to have PURA intervene is denied.

It was noted that there has been no response to date from Charter. Public Relations and Communications Manager Heidi Vandenbrouck will check with Tom Cohan about a response on behalf of the Cable Advisory Council.

Chairman Davis spoke of a proposed letter that he has drafted to PURA asking them to issue a Direct Order to Charter and AT&T to interconnect within 60 days or to refund all fees collected for Access Programming but never delivered to AT&T U-Verse. There was a discussion of this letter and it was suggested that it be sent to the Department of Consumer Affairs and Government offices. There was a brief discussion of the wording of this letter and it was suggested that it include a summary of the CAC’s initiatives.

Jim Lang made a motion to send the proposed letter to PURA (with a copy to Charter, AT&T and the Statewide Video Advisory Council) asking them to issue a Direct Order to Charter and AT&T to interconnect or issue subscriber fee refunds to ATT Subscribers. Paul Katzmark seconded the motion. Vote: All in favor

Charter Response to publication of Basic cable prices

Chairman Davis spoke of the basic cable package available from Charter at $26/month. This package is not consistently promoted. Mr. Davis read a transcript of a phone call he had with a Charter representative that didn’t publicize the $26/month package. A screen shot from the Charter website also does not show the $26/month price.

Chairman Davis read a proposed letter to Tom Cohan at Charter on behalf of the CAC requesting that Charter update their website and correctly publish the price and availability of the lowest cost basic cable service. This letter requests that Charter include the $26/month basic cable package in all marketing and sales communications.

Jim Lang made a motion to authorize the chairman to send a letter to Tom Cohan at Charter requesting that Charter publicize the lowest Basic package of $26/month. Ray Juskiewicz seconded the motion - Vote: All in favor



Ray Juskiewicz made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45pm.

Vote: All in favor

Cable Advisory Council Regular Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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