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08 January 2013  CAP region 19 - Charter Communications Western, Cable Advisory Council Decision R19CAC-13-01-08-M1 Cultural Value of Legacy Channel Order Advisory for submission to Charter Communications.


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Re:  Cable Advisory Council CAP region 19 - Charter Communications Western,

Motion R19CAC-13-01-09-M1 Cultural Value of Legacy Channel Order Advisory for Charter Communications (passed 13/0) as follows:


The cable advisory council recommends that Charter make serious effort to preserve the embedded cultural value of the legacy channel ordering as Charter completes the transisiton into fully digital program content distribution.


Supporting Argument:


There is institutional memory related to the history and culture of the broadcast & cable industry associated with the channel numbers.  This broad social knowledge is has substantial value in delivering customer satisfaction (ie avoiding un-necessary frustration).


The allocation of Broadcast Networks to the original low channel numbers, followed by the early Cable networks programming into the next set of higher channel numbers is established by industry history.   The parallel growth of cable technology, and the growth in the diversity of program content over four decades has been absorbed into the social fabric as legacy knowledge of high cultural value.


An example:  It seems reasonable that the mapping of analog 2-68 could transisition to HIGH DEF 702-768, maintaining the legacy value in channel layout order.  Analog Channel 8, ABC Network via local CT Broadcast TV, would be assigned to HIGH DEF channel 708, etc.


Respectfully yours,





Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council, CAP Area 19