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11 September 2012  MOTION 12-09-11-01 Prime Directive

Via First Class Mail and Electronic Filing


Kimberley J. Santopeitro

Executive Secretary

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

10 Franklin Square

New Britain CT 06051


Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-01 (passed 15/0) to request PURA advisory review to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the Cable Advisory Council Mission, hereby described as its Prime Directive:               


The Cable Advisory Council is a legally created entity of the State of Connecticut with its statutory existence documented in the official Bylaws of the Advisory Council.

The Cable Advisory Council charge is to carry forth the work set in CT law as an extension of the PURA; to be an active partner supporting the designated Community Access Provider programming and operations; and be an Advisory agent for Community Interests in communications with the Cable company about policies, products, & services.  Specifically, the PRIME DIRECTIVE of the advisory council is as follows:


A   To promote and protect a secure future for meaningful Community Access television programming created by Community based groups of Producers.  16-331a (b)


B   To advise PURA on the qualifications of a third party non-profit organizations which may petition to become a Designated Community Access Provider (CAP). 16-331a ( c.1)


C   To petition for an official hearing to review the Programming and Operations of the existing Designated Community Access Provider (CAP). 16-331a ( c 8)


D   To advise the Designated Community Access Provider (CAP) on the suitability of adult programming. 16-331a( g).


E   To request an independent audit of the Designated Community Access provider operations, programming, and technical standards. 16-331a (h).


F   To meet with official representatives of Charter Communications – the CCFA license holder at least twice per year. 16-333t ( a ).


G   To offer advisory opinion and/or request advice on any issues involving Charter Communications products and services. 16-331


H   To serve with intervenor status in any contested case involving Charter – the CCFA license holder, and the PURA . 16-331t ( d ).


I    To appoint one representative to serve on the State-Wide Video Advisory Council 16-331i.


With best regards,

Gregory G. Davis KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council - Charter Western CAP region 19