For Charter Communications - Western CAP Area 19

PO BOX 87, Newtown CT 06470

Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com


11 September 2012 MOTION - Bill Insert Notification

Via First Class Mail and Electronic Filing

Tom Cohan

Director, Government Relations

New England/NY

Charter Communications

95 Higgins Street

Worcester, MA  01606

508-853-1515 x 72857



Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-M3 (passed 15/0) to request Charter review for Cable Billing Insert Notification text as follows for compliance with CGS 16-331t(e):


A local Cable Advisory Council exits, established by CT Legislation as an extension of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Executive, to (1) be an active partner supporting the designated Community Access Provider programming and operations;  (2) be an Advisory agent for Community Interests in communications with the Cable company about policies, products, & services.  The Cable Advisory Councils serving the two Charter Communications Franchise areas in CT may be contacted at the following addresses:


(1) Western and Northwestern CT (PURA MAP area 19): Gregory G. Davis KB1YHW, Chairman; Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com, online at www.CableAdvisoryCouncil.com, or USPS to Cable Advisory Council at PO Box 87, Newtown CT 06470,


(2)Northeastern CT (PURA map area 10):  Chairman, Gene Sellers, Chairman; PO Box 144, Willimanitic CT 06226.


Please do NOT send bill payments to the Advisory Council.


As a helpful reference, the law specifically states:  CGS 16-331t (e) Any company issued a certificate of cable franchise authority shall, every six months, provide on bills, bill inserts or letters to subscribers, a notice indicating the name and address of the chairperson of the advisory council and describing the responsibilities of such advisory council. The advisory council shall have an opportunity to review such notice prior to its distribution.



With best regards,

Gregory G. Davis KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council - Charter Western CAP region 19