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11 September 2012  MOTION

R19CAC-12-09-11-M4 Access Interconnection

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Kimberley J. Santopeitro

Executive Secretary

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

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Tom Cohan, Director, Government Relations New England/NY

Charter Communications

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Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-M4 (passed 15/0) to 1. Request a report in writing from Charter Communications to honestly and openly describe any obstacles that prevent interconnection of the Designated Community Access Provider Channel with ATT U-Verse.  2. Request that PURA consider further action to facilitate the interconnection of the access & education channels between Charter Communications and ATT U-Verse.


Advisory Council Views:


ATT U-Verse should be carrying the Community Access Channel and Educational Channels for the towns within the Charter Communications - Western region area as defined by the PURA cable map area 19.  A timely repsonse and resolution to this issue is 5 years overdue.


When questioned directly at Advisory Council meetings, Both ATT and Charter state that there is no issue stopping interconnection at their end, and that the opposite party is foot dragging.  


The fact that ATT & Charter have not interconnected the Community Access and educational channel signals has everything to do with the new law.   PA07-253 introduced ATT U-Verse Competetive Video Services to the previously regulated monopoly serviced by Charter Communications in our PURA map area 19.  Neither party are acting in bad faith.  Both parties are acting in a purely competitive manner that is entirely consistent with the law as written.


With best regards,

Gregory G. Davis KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council - Charter Western CAP region 19