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11 September 2012 MOTION

R19CAC-12-09-11-M5-Travel Expense Reimbursement

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Kimberley J. Santopeitro

Executive Secretary

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

10 Franklin Square

New Britain CT 06051


Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-M5 (passed 13/0/2) to request PURA advisory for Travel Expense Reimbursement rate.


Please confirm that the official 2012 IRS .555/mile expense rate applies for council member travel reimbursement doing the work of the council.


Please confirm that the Cable Advisory Council is NOT a Charity (charity travel expense is reimbursed at 0.14/mile)


Our logic for travel expense reimbursement is as follows:


The Cable Advisory Council is a Legal entity of the State of Connecticut, composed of appointees who serve and perform the work of the Cable Advisory Council.


Attending the council meetings is fundamental to performing the work of the council.

It is therefore proper to pay the automobile travel expenses for the council members, attending the council meetings.


We have an annual budget for doing the work of the Advisory Council. 


Our Council bylaws provide for reimbursement of reasonable expenses:

  "2.4 Members shall serve without compensation pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes. They may be reimbursed for reasonable expenditures incurred in the discharging of duties assigned by the Chairperson and approved by the Council."


An Example:  The Charter Western Cable Advisory Council (map area 19) includes 19 towns, extending 75+ miles north to south.   Scheduled Council meetings are held in Newtown CT.  Colebrook to Newtown is 105 miles round trip - $57.75 at the .55/mile official 2012 IRS rate. These are real costs to council members and should not be a barrier to member participation.


With best regards,

Gregory G. Davis KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council - Charter Western CAP region 19