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12 March 2013  CAP region 19 - Charter Communications Western, Cable Advisory Council Draft R19CAC-13-03-12-M3 Sports Free Tier Advisory for submission to Charter Communications.


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Tom Cohan

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Re:  Cable Advisory Council CAP region 19 - Charter Communications Western,

Motion R19CAC-13-01-09-M3 Sports Free Tier Advisory for Charter Communications (passed 12/0) as follows:


The cable advisory council recommends that Charter Communications offer two tiers of extended basic service including:


1.  A SPORTS HEAVY extended Basic service, appropriately priced to cover the programming costs for Sports channels devoting more than 25% of peak viewing hours to sports, (ie… ESPN, ESPN2, NESN, Golf, MSG+, MSG, YES, Speed, NBC Sports Net channels)


2.  SPORTS FREE extended Basic service, appropriatetly priced to reflect the cost discount of properly shifting the programming costs to the viewers which desire those sports channels.


3.  Implement a non-bundled, or more commonly called a' la carte program option beyond the basic tier for cable customers.



Respectfully Submitted,








Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council, CAP Area 19