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R19CWAC-13-11-12-M4 Advisory Council Legitimacy

12 November 2013

Chairman, Statewide Video Advisory Council

Merja H Lehtinen, ctmlhr@yahoo.com


Re: Cable Advisory Council CAPregion 19 - Charter Communications Western,

Motion R19CWAC-13-11-12-M4-Advisory Council Legitimacy, passed unanimously.

To the question of advisory council legitimacy for the Statewide Video Advisory Council consideration, the R19 Charter Western Advisory Council advises the following:

1. Every designated community access provider has an advisory council married to it with duties and functions as specified by CT Law. If the Designated Community Access Provider legally exists, an advisory council also exists to serve it and the community of access producers.

2. The lack of a legislatively delegated funding source for an advisory council in the event that an access region does not have an active CCFA license, does not, in any way, delete/cancel/remove/ or dissolve the legally delegated functions and duties of the advisory council as set forth in the CT General Statutes Chapter 289 Sections 16-331 through 16-333.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council, R19CWAC


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