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14 January 2014 R19CWAC-14-01-14-M5

Tom Cohan

Director, Government Relations, New England/NY

Charter Communications

95 Higgins Street, Worcester, MA 01606

508-853-1515 x 72857 Tom.Cohan@chartercom.com

Re: R19CWAC-14-01-14-M5-FutureVisions

Greetings Tom

The Advisory Council requests advice from Charter about its vision for the future on the following topics:

1. Discussion of Basic Cable accessibility now and in the future.

2. Discussion of quality of signal across all channels, compression policies, must-carry policies, Charter's commitment tyo signal quality and availability.

3. Discussion of Charter's current data mining operations and privacy policies.

Yours truly,

Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Area 19 Cable Advisory Council