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9 April 2014

Nicholas E. Neeley, Acting Executive Secretary,

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

10 Franklin Square

New Britain CT 06051


Re: PURA DOCKET 14-01-46 – Joint Application of a Change of Control.


Please review the statewide status of designated community access provider programming interconnection between the legacy cable company hosts and ATT U-Verse as part of Docket 14-01-46.


The cable advisory council for PURA area 19 requests this issue be added to the docket to recognize the protracted LACK of ACTION between ATT U-Verse and Charter Communications to interconnect the Designated Community Access Television Programming.  The result has been denial of service for 5+ years to local customers and volunteer representatives serving the Cable Advisory Council.

Specifically all ATT U-Verse subscribers, including active members (approximately 25%) serving on the Cable Advisory Council have paid for their right to view programming from their Designated Community Access Provider in PURA Map area 19 and can not do so because they have also selected AT&T U-Verse as their Certified Video Program Provider.  Dedicated advisory council members who volunteer their time and expertise are seriously impaired in their duties as specified in CGS 16-331a(b), 16-331a(c1), 16-331a(c8), 16-331a(g), 16-331a(h).  This cable advisory council submits that PURA should investigate this denial of service and issue the order to interconnect.

ATT has collected subscriber fees from all U-Verse Customers, as required by Public Act 07-253 effective in 2008.  These fees were escrowed for years by ATT but have finally been delivered to the Designated Community Access Providers (CAPs) as ordered by the PURA Final Decision docket #.12-01-04.  Charter Communications is the CAP in PURA areas 10 & 19. However, ATT has not interconnected the programming feeds of the CAPs in PURA areas 10 & 19 to its U-Verse subscribers, as well as with other legacy cable company sponsored CAP's.


For Charter Communications NW CT Area 19

PO BOX 87, Newtown CT 06470

Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com

The continued lack of interconnection between CAPs and ATT U-Verse dates back to the enactment of Public act 07-253.  ATT market share in Charter Cable area 19 may now have achieved 30% in this time. The 2010 census tallies the population at over 218,000 people of the 19 towns of area 19.  ATT market share may now have exceed 55,000 homes without the ability to view the community access programming for which they have paid – for six years and counting. The Charter Cable Advisory Council for Region 19 has been actively promoting interconnection at each and every advisory council meeting, with little support or action  from PURA , ATT, or Charter. 

Given that control of ATT U-Verse is about to change, This docket regarding approval of the change of control of ATT CT wire-line services is the best opportunity to rule that interconnection MUST be established between U-Verse and the legacy CAPs in order to allow the change of ownership.



Yours truly,



Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Area 19 Cable Advisory Council




Chairman, Statewide Video Advisory Council

Merja H Lehtinen, ctmlhr@yahoo.com