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13 May 2014




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Re: R19CWAC-14-05-13-M2-Investigate Comcast Takeover The Cable Advisory Council Charter Western Decision to Request a PURA Investigation of the Proposed Comcast takeover in the CT Charter Franchise areas 10 & 19.




If the Federal Government gives a green light to the Comcast-Charter-Spinco National Cable Consolidation deal, the CT Cable Advisory Council Charter Western, believes that a Comcast takeover of Community Access in the Charter franchise areas within the State of CT is NOT in the public interest. The Council hereby requests that PURA open a docket to investigate if Comcast intends a takeover of the Charter Franchise in CCFA areas 10 & 19.



Yours truly,





Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Area 19 Cable Advisory Council



Tom Cohan, Charter Communications Director of Govt. Relations

Merja Lehtinen, Chairwomen, Statewide Video Advisory Council