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13 May 2014 R19CWAC-14-05-13-M4


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Re: R19CWAC-14-05-13-M4 Legislative Repairs Initiative

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Please advise if the list of proposed legislative initiatives suggested by the advisory council helps to promote a secure future for community access television.

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Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

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For Charter Communications NW CT Area 19

PO BOX 87, Newtown CT 06470

Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com


A Secure Future for Community Access Television The May 2014 View

Legislative Initiatives to Repair PA 07-253


A. The CT geographical regions associated with the 24 CT cable franchise territories upon adoption of PA07-253 define the 24 independent franchise service areas for PURA Designated Community Access Providers.


B. The PURA will conduct a full investigation of programming and operations of each designated community access provider and their advisory council, at least once every five years.


C. The PURA may reorganize the CAP regions to better serve Community Access producers upon completion of regular PURA investigations.


D. The PURA will include advisory council funding during the annual support review of the of the designated community access providers. If no CCFA license holder exists with a CAP region, the CVFA license holders my be designated by PURA to provide the annual support.


E. The PURA will manage the conversion of a Designated CAP into an independent Not-for-profit Corporation. Legal costs will be funded by the license holders party to CCFA/CVFA franchise territory reconfiguration. The PURA will review and facilitate this process in the public interest.


F. CVFA license perpetuity is conditional upon a minimum qualification for the Certified Statewide Video Provider license to be set by the PURA and to include not less than 51% of the population, towns or residential homes in the State of Connecticut, or automatically convert to the CCFA license after a probationary period not to exceed 7 years.


G. The Designated CAP is responsible for community access studio programming and operations funded by access subscriber fees collected within the region. Independent studio operations supported and operated by Educational or Governmental entities within the CAP region shall have formal PURA approved MOU/MOA with the designated CAP.


H. Any Entity reselling Internet service connectivity which bills on a regular and recurrent schedule to any private citizen or address within the Designated Community Access Provider Territory, will collect an access fee of of 1 % on the recurrent retail ISP billing for minimum access speeds, and will be adjusted annually by the PURA in the annual community access support review. The community access subscriber fees will be electronically transmitted to the Designated Community Access Provider prior to the 16th day of each month. An Annual report information relevant to the PURA is required prior to the 16th day of January every year by the ISP for the annual community access support review.