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11 November 2014                                                      R19CWAC-14-11-11-M1


Tom Cohan

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Re:  Cable Advisory Council Decision:  R19CWAC-14-11-11-M1-Service Please


Greetings Tom


The members of the Cable Advisory Council decided to request that Charter Communications should reconsider service connection to homeowners Steven and Mary Schinke of Roxbury upon hearing their presentation at the council meeting during public input.


Quoting from their written statement:


“In short, we would pay for the cable, Charter would own the cable, and Charter would charge us for the use of the cable that we paid for….We remain puzzled as to why Charter would not install high speed service if we pay the installation costs….”


Yours truly,





Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Area 19 Cable Advisory Council



Mr. Nicholas Neeley

Acting Executive Secretary

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

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