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updated 12 January 2016

--- 2015 DECISIONS ---

R19CWAC-15-11-10-M2 Access in HD Please
R19CWAC-15-11-10-M1 SOCAP Please
R19CWAC-15-09-08-M2 Access in HD Please
R19CWAC-15-07-14-M2 WebsiteInfo Confusing
R19CWAC-15-07-14-M1 Access in HD Please
R19CWAC-15-05-12-M3 Simple ChanSurfing Please
R19CWAC-15-05-12-M2 BST  Info Please
R19CWAC-15-05-12-M1 Access in HD Please
R19CWAC-15-03-10-M4 Access in HD Please
R19CWAC-15-03-10-M3 SimplifyCableBoxProgramming
R19CWAC-15-03-10-M2 Access Channel Lineup
R19CWAC-15-03-10-M1 Access Future Vision
R19CWAC-15-01-13-M1 Save Our Community Access Providers

--- 2014 DECISIONS ---

R19CWAC-14-11-11-M3 Save Our Community Access Providers
R19CWAC-14-11-11-M1 Service Please
R19CWAC-14-09-09-M4-Save Community Access Funding
R19CWAC-14-09-09-M3-Essential Basic Service for Towns
R19CWAC-14-09-09-M2-All Digital Now Advisory
R19CWAC-14-09-09-M1-PEGPETIA Restore Resolve
R19CWAC-14-05-13-M4-Legislative Repairs Initiative
R19CWAC-14-05-13-M3-Future Vision of the CAP
R19CWAC-14-05-13-M2-Investigate Comcast Takeover
R19CWAC-14-05-13-M1-Charter-Comcast Territory Exchange
R19CWAC-14-01-14-M5-Future Vision
R19CWAC-14-01-14-M4-Chairman Support
R19CWAC-14-01-14-M3-Cord Cutters
R19CWAC-14-01-14-M1-PreSale Interconnect

--- 2013 DECISIONS ---

R19CWAC-13-11-12-M5-Restore PEGPETIA
R19CWAC-13-11-12-M4-Advisory Council Legitimacy
R19CWAC-13-11-12-M3-Basic Cable Rates Obscured
R19CWAC-13-11-12-M2-Interconnect Help Request
Chairman Letter to PURA- Reopen Docket 13-07-09
R19CWAC-13-09-10-M2-Basic Cable
R19CWAC-13-09-10-M1-Connect Incentive
R19CWAC-13-07-09-SupportLetter-USCongress SB912
R19CWAC-13-07-09-M2-Basic Cable
PURA Respose to R19CWAC-13-07-09-M1
R19CWAC-13-05-14-M4-Council Officers Elected
R19CWAC-13-05-14-M3-A+Charter CAP Support
R19CWAC-13-05-14-M2-Annual CAP Report Filing
R19CAC-13-05-14-M1-CAP Interconnect
R19CAC-13-03-12-M4-Digital Channel Migration
R19CAC-13-03-12-M2-Sports Free Tier for HB6402
R19CAC-13-03-12-M1-Service Denial
R19CAC-13-01-09-V1 Travel Expense Policy
R19CAC-13-01-08-M1-Channel Order

---2012  DECISIONS ---
13Nov2012 M02 Access Interconnect
13Nov2012 M01 Cable Bill Insert Note
Nov2012 PURA Response to 11Sept2012 Motions M01-M04 -M05
11Sept2012 M01 Prime Directive
11Sept2012 M02 File Annual Reports 2010&2011
11Sept2012 M03 Cable Bill Insert Note
11Sept2012 M04 Access Interconnect
11Sept2012 M05 Council Expenses




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