Cable Advisory Council Bylaws


Revised May/08/2012

Last Revised [TBD]

Cable Advisory Council

P.O. Box 87

Newtown, CT 06470

1.1             The Charter Communications Cable Advisory Council, hereinafter referred to as the Council, is established under the authority of the Connecticut General Statutes and shall represent the cable franchise area comprising the following towns:  Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Colebrook, Harwinton, Kent, Monroe, New Fairfield, New Hartford, New Milford, Newtown, Roxbury, Sherman, Southbury, Trumbull, Washington, Winchester and Woodbury.

1.2             The Council may give advice to the management of the Charter Communications Cable Company upon such matters affecting the public, as it deems desirable or necessary.  The Cable Company shall respond in a timely manner to issues brought forth by its Advisory Council.


1.3          The  Council shall carry out the responsibilities specified by CT Statues and delegated by the CT Public Utilities Regulatory Authority  to promote and protect the mission of meaningful access for community based program producers, collectively defined as the (P)ublic - (E)ducational - (G)overnment groups, for broadcast channel access by The Designated  Community Access Provider.  The Council’s responsibilities include those stated in Chapter 289 of the Connecticut General Statutes as they may be modified and amended from time to time.


2.0            MEMBERSHIP:

2.1             Representatives of the aforementioned towns shall be appointed to represent the general public, the Boards of Education, and the libraries, as specified in the Connecticut General Statutes.

2.2             Each member of the Advisory Council shall serve for a term of two (2) years from the first day of July in the year in which such member is appointed. 

2.3             Vacancies for un-expired terms shall be filled by the appointing authorities to serve out the remainder of the vacated member's term. 

2.4                    Members shall serve without compensation pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes. They may be reimbursed for reasonable expenditures incurred in the discharging of duties assigned by the Chairperson and approved by the Council.

2.5 Members are expected to attend a minimum of fifty (50%)percent of the Council meetings in each calendar year.

3.0            MEMBERSHIP: EX OFFICIO:

3.1             Charter Communications shall appoint at least one (1) member who shall serve without vote (Ref. Sec. 16-333-25 CGSConnecticut Administrative Code).  Such member shall not be included in attendance for a meeting quorum.

4.0            OFFICERS:

4.1             The Council shall annually elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and Treasurer, whose respective terms shall commence July 1st.

4.2                    Each elected office shall have duties usually incident to that respective office. 

4.2.1.                   Chairperson:

a)      Shall prepare an agenda for each regular meeting and special meeting.

b)      Shall, following consultation with the Council, make appointment recommendations, if necessary, to the chief elected official or Board of Education in the city or town planning to fill a vacancy.

c)      Shall appoint members of standing or select committees, and, who, as charged by the chair, shall appear and represent the Council at any public hearings or meeting and shall testify at such hearing or meeting on behalf of the Council as its representative. 

d)      Shall assign a date and location of meetings, provided the Council fails to do so.  Should a meeting be cancelled or postponed, the Chairperson shall assign an alternate date and/or location.

e)        Shall represent the Council's agreed-upon positions in all issues brought before the Department of Public Utilities Control (DPUC)Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA), or shall appoint a representative to do so.

f)      Shall prepare an annual report to be presented at the annual meeting for Council approval.  The report will be forwarded as and when required by state regulations, to the DPUC by no later than the first day of August of the same year.

g) Shall appoint the Advisory Council Webmaster and the Statewide Video Advisory Council Representative.

h) When authorized by the council the Chairperson shall appoint a member or contract with a non-member to act as Recording Secretary.

4.2.2.   Vice-Chairperson:

a)      Shall administer the Council attendance policy.

b)      Shall conduct correspondence regarding town representative appointments.  The Vice-Chairperson will report to the Council the appointment or resignation of members and shall maintain and circulate a register of current members.

c)      Shall, in absence of the Chairperson, call meetings to order and preside over the meeting.

4.2.3.   Secretary:

a)      Shall act as the recording officer of the Council and the custodian of its records, except when those duties are specifically assigned to another board member.  The records should include:

                                                              i.      minutes of all regular and special meetings

                                                            ii.      register of active members

                                                          iii.      member attendance as recorded by the Vice-Chairperson

b)      Shall notify all officers and committees of their appointments.

c)      Shall keep a book of by-laws and standing rules.

d)      Shall send timely notices of all meetings to members.

e)      Shall track attendance at meetings.

f)      Shall conduct correspondence for the Council except as otherwise provided herein.

g)      Shall maintain a list of standing and select committee members.

h)      Shall, in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, call meeting to order and preside until the election of a Chair Pro-Tem takes place.

i) The Council may delegate some of the foregoing duties to a Recording Secretary who need not be a member of the Council.

4.2.4.  Treasurer:

a)      Shall act as the Council's bankerhave custody of all the moneys of the Council, holding the funds depositinged to the Council’s funds in one or more bank accounts in the Council’s name and paying out on the order of the Council.

b)      Shall present a report at least four (4) times a year as directed by Council vote or by the Chair.  Reports should consist of any information regarding the receipts and disbursements previously authorized by the Council, and should include vouchers.

c)      Shall present an annual fiscal report at the annual meeting.  The report shall consist of theany information regarding any the receipts and disbursements made during the Council's operating year.

d)      Shall, in the absence of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, call the meetings to order and preside until a Chair Pro-Tem is elected.

e)      In addition to the TreasurerChairperson, checks may also be signed by the ChairpersonTreasurer. 

f) Administer the Council’s travel expense reimbursement policy, as the same may exist from time to time.

4.3             Only the Chairperson shall issue public statements to the media. Individual members may make statements stressing that they are only speaking for themselves.  Only the chairperson, or designee, shall act as the council’s spokesperson. Council members may make personal public statements, but may not speak on behalf of the council without the council’s approval.

5.0            MEETINGS:

5.1             The Council shall meet at least bi-monthly.  Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by a majority of the membership.

5.2           The Chairperson is authorized to cancel or reschedule meetings for weather or other emergencies at the Chairperson’s discretion.  

5.3             A quorum shall consist of no less than five (5) active members including the presiding officer. The presiding officer shall be entitled to vote on all matters In the event of a tie vote, the motion fails.

5.4             Resolutions must be approved by a majority of the membership present and voting.  In the event of a tie vote, the motion fails. In the event of a tie vote, such vote shall be broken by the Chairperson.  However, the Chairperson is restricted to one vote.

5.5             The public is invited to all meetings, and may make presentations limited to ten (10) minutes per person at the start of any meeting.  The subject matter must be directly related to cable services.  Members of the general public shall not participate during the body of the meeting unless invited by the Chairperson and approved by a vote of the Council.  If a group or individual notifies the Chairperson prior to the meeting, they may be allotted additional time and be included as a separate line item in the agenda.


6.1             All requests for reimbursements and receipts shall be directed to the Treasurer upon approval by the Chairperson.

6.2             Disbursements for any reason shall be made through the Council's checking account.

6.23             Amounts up to $500.00 may be expended at the discretion of the Chairperson.  Amounts exceeding $500.00 shall require prior resolution of the Council.

6.34             Each year on January 1st, theThe Treasurer shall provide the Chairperson withthe Department Of Public Utility an accounting of funding and services received and expended during the preceding year, which shall be included in the report filed with the PURA in accordance with Sec. 2 Public Act 89-182.

6.45             An annual audit will be performed of Council funds will be performed by a committee designated by the Chairperson.

7.0            SUB-COMMITTEES:

7.1             The Chairperson may appoint sub-committees, and a Chairperson thereof with specific charges to investigate, study and make recommendations to the Council.   At least one (1) sub-committee member shall be a Council member.

7.2            Subject to a vote of the Council, nonmembers of the Council may serve on committees but shall have no voting privileges at Council meetings.


8.1             Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the Council's actions in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws and State Statutes.


9.1             These By-Laws may be amended or revised by a vote of the Council at a meeting called for that purpose provided the changes or revisions have been submitted to the membership at least seven (7) days prior to said meeting and provided the changes are not in conflict with State Statutes.


10.1          The Secretary will provide minutes of each Council meeting to the appointing authority of each member town and if requested to the Town Clerk.

10.2          As is appropriate, theThe appointing authorities will be advised of all vacancies and appointed members who fail to properly represent their towns by not attending Council meetings in accordance with the expectations set forth in Section 2.5.

10.3          The Chairperson shall, prior to the expiration of the terms of all members, request the appointing official of each town to either re­appoint the current member or appoint new representatives.  The two-year attendance records of the current appointees shall be included in this correspondence.