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30 August 2014


Dr. Ruby C. & CT State Rep Arthur O’Neill

1468 Buck’s Hill Road, Southbury CT 06488


Re:  Invitation to advise the Cable Advisory Council at the 9 September meeting, and Stakeholders Roundup Progress Report for Community Access TV Support.


Greetings Ruby & Arthur


The Cable Advisory Council for PURA area 19 will meet 7pm 9 September 2014 at the Community Vision 21 Studio, 11 Commerce Road, Newtown CT 06470.  


The Cable Advisory Council serves 19 towns in PURA area 19, between Winchester and Trumbull. This area is also served by 15 CT Representatives and 8 CT Senators who have not yet been contacted about this Clear and Present Danger to a secure future for the institution of Community Access Television.


I am writing to request your participation, guidance, and oversight for the legislative initiative to Save the Institution of Community Access Television.   This initiative to promote and protect a secure future for Community Access will be on the agenda for the September meeting of the Cable Advisory Council, and your attendance is requested to help move this effort out of the starting gate in the CT Legislature.   If there is a better date and time, we are happy to arrange a special meeting.


This discussion, which began at the Ken Cornet Art Show in Roxbury on 3 May 2014, identified subscriber attrition from basic service tier pay-TV cable to “Internet Only”, as a serious undermining of the financial future for the designated community access providers in CT.  (Event pictures are here.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/ggdavis/collections/72157629457147662/ )


An update summary follows for the work accomplished May through August 2014, developing a group of informed stakeholders who support legislative action to promote and protect a secure future for community access television, the Prime Directive of the Cable Advisory Council.  Ref:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/charge.htm


The brain trust resources of the Cable Advisory Council and the Statewide Video Advisory Council, in partnership with PURA have been invaluable to advance the process of collective thought and analysis.  The progress of this initiative may be followed through its evolution in the published public records as identified below.



For Charter Communications NW CT Area 19

PO BOX 87, Newtown CT 06470

Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com


Stakeholder support for legislative action has been organized to discuss legislative strategies to secure the future for Community Access TV at the following meetings:


Cable Advisory Council Meeting 13 May 2014

  Minutes:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/minutes/May2014.htm

  Decision:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/motions/R19CWAC-14-05-13-M4-LegRepairs.htm 

Report:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/FutureVisionMay2014-V2.htm


Cable Advisory Council Steering Committee Meeting 10 June 2014

  Minutes:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/minutes/June2014.htm

  Report:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/06-14Jun-LegTrac-MayView.htm


Statewide Video Advisory Council Meeting 11 June 2014

  Legislative Committee Report:   http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/06-14Jun-UnscrFut-SVAC.htm


Cable Advisory Council Meeting 8 July 2014

  Minutes:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/minutes/July2014.htm

  Report:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/07-14Jul-ChrmnRept-AllDigitalXtran-JulyLegView.htm


Cable Advisory Council Steering Committee Meeting 12 August 2014

  Minutes:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/minutes/August2014.htm

  Report:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/FutureVisionSummer2014-V2.htm


Statewide Video Advisory Council Special Meeting 20 August 2014 -

  Printed report handout in advance of the Special Meeting:



We would be honored to have your assistance and guidance at our next meeting.




Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council, Charter Western

Roxbury CT