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FINALLY – A DECISION on 31 March 2014 in the contested case in Hartford Superior Court - Soundview Community Media Inc. vs. Public Utility Regulatory Authority


Editorial by Gregory G. Davis: 

A long time in coming.  An impressive historical report of the Cable TV / Community Access TV evolution over the last 40 years.  The decision is Totally in favor of the PURA.

Soundview is sent away to scour their conscience over all the community access subscriber fees wasted in legal maneuvers which had as much or more to do with ego in editorial scheduling control, fueled by desire to have the power over the subscriber fees. 


I personally cannot see how Soundview has any avenue of argument for appealing to the CT Supreme Court, as their final option to shut down rival Community Access Producers in CT Region 2.  Advisory Council member Kevin Burns has offered his opinion on the decision below.  I am in total agreement, but I additionally believe that the CCFA license holders are hedging their bets, as Comcast, Cox, and Metrocast  have all made CVFA license applications.  Several have already been awarded, with “restrictions”.


Hi Greg.  I just finished reading this decision, I was impressed by the effort the judge put into this. It is unusual for a Connecticut trial court and not warranted by the spurious nature of Sound View's wacky equal protection claim.  On the other hand it is very interesting and readable history of cable franchise law and practice in Connecticut and for some of the federal law as well.

I was disappointed that Judge Huddleston hung her chapeau on the provision in PA 08-159 requiring the Region 2 advisory council to manage the $100,000 fund as the reason why the council continues to exist. While that isn't wrong, what she did get wrong is her statement on page 55 the council's primary mission is to advise the CCFA. That's wrong.  The council's primary function is to advise the community access provider (see page 56). Nothing that Cablevision accomplished in its "round robin" changes that.


However I also note that if the other 20 Regions all changed to CCFAs (see footnote 24, page 54) then it may not be possible for any of them to  become CVFAs as that is prohibited by 07-253. Now that they are CCFAs there may not be an opportunity to do a similar round robin. If that is the case the issue can't repeat itself.



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