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Gregory G. Davis


7pm, Tuesday 8 Jan 2013 at Charter Communications - Community Vision 21 Studio,  11 Commerce Road, Newtown CT 06470


Strategic Action Committee Report


11 Dec 2012 Minutes. Ideas Exchanged, A Work In Progress.

Next meeting:  7pm Tuesday 12 February 2013 - Newtown Municipal Center

Interested parties / new members are invited.


PURA Response Review Summary:

R19CAC-12-09-11-M1  Prime Directive - OK

R19CAC-12-09-11-M4  Access Interconnection:  PURA Action only upon request

R19CAC-12-09-11-M5  Travel Expense Reimbursement - OK


Statewide Video Advisory Council Report


Dec 2012 Meeting, Merja Lehtinen - Chairman presiding.

2013 Meeting Dates Scheduled.  2013 Officers Elected. Committee Appointments made.



PEGPETIA Grant Support for Public Schools


PURA DOCKET 12-11-03 Application of Region 12 School District for a Public, Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Investment Account (PEGPETIA) Grant


1 Jan 2013 EMAIL Message Report from PUA FORD, CT Leage of Womens Voters & Special Council to PURA:

"You all know that PEGPETIA was swept for $3.6 million in the deficit mitigation bill last month, right?  Not much to share in the way of details; we'll let you know if we find out more.

Pua Ford, coordinator

Woodbridge Govt. Access TV"


13 Nov 2012 Community & Education/Local Government Access

Television Interconnection Status report, Re-emphasized:


The Designated Community Access Provider Television channels are NOT available on ATT U-Verse include Cable Franchise Areas 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, & 24.  Current Score,  33% Connected, while 66% remain UNCONNECTED, 6 years ongoing into the process.


For Charter Communications NW CT Area 19

PO BOX 87, Newtown CT 06470

Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com



Gregory G. Davis







Recap:  Master Bedroom Remodel:  NEW TV.  Buy a Used XBR 36" direct view  CRT and connect directly to cable wire.  It decodes Analog channels only.  The 1st Gen QAM tuner does not decode cable QAM.    Wife unhappy that no HD channels are viewable.  The set fails within 1 month.  Wife MORE unhappy.


We Purchase a NEW Sony KDL46HX850 super skinny 46" 55lb Gorrilla Glass Face High Def Set.  Hook up Cable wire directly, and the Set tunes all Channels in Basic service Line up, both analog and digital;  SOME digital channels are HD.  Channel Numbers for finding digital HD programs are IN-Comprehensible.  Wife MORE UNHAPPY.  She insists on upgrade to HD CABLE BOX.


Trade in Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200 Standard Def Box, in exchange for Cisco Explorer 4640HDC High Def Cable box - at NO EXTRA MONTHLY CHARGE - YEH Charter!  Plug into Sony as HDMI Source #1.   It works but:

WIFE NEARLY CRAZY UNHAPPY:  The channel lineup makes no sense in HD, and she cannot figure out what or where to find the digital channel numbers.  Result:  Every time I join her in the Bedroom, the HD Sony is tuned to a Standard Def analog program. I ask why, and she replys, it is too hard to locate CBS in high Def Digital, but she knows that it lives on Channel 3.


The confusion confusion compounds, when trying to locate one program channel, which may be found to exist in as many as NINE different channel number locations with multiple devices with multiple signal sources.


What to do:  Launch an investigation as to What Lives Where On the Wire:  Knowing that PHYSICS prevails because Radio Frequency Spectrum transmitted over cable wire is FINITE.  The discovery process was time consuming, complicated, and wildly confusing.  Persistence finally revealed the patterns, as if organized based upon the CONTENT.  My wife is somewhat happy now that she can find the corresponding digital channel numbers for the TV shows she desires to see by checking the chart.




For Charter Communications NW CT Area 19

PO BOX 87, Newtown CT 06470

Email Chairman@CableAdvisoryCouncil.com



08 January 2013   Draft MOTION -


Via First Class Mail and Electronic Filing

Tom Cohan

Director, Government Relations

New England/NY

Charter Communications

95 Higgins Street

Worcester, MA  01606

508-853-1515 x 72857



Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion R19CAC-13-01-09-M1 (passed xx/xx) as follows:


The cable advisory council recommends that Charter make serious effort to maintain the signal order of the analog channels across and into the full digital TV services. Charter should publish a current detailed channel map with cable channel number assignments sorted by content.


Supporting Argument:


There is institutional memory related to the history and culture of the broadcast & cable industry associated with the channel numbers.  This broad social knowledge is has substantial value in delivering customer satisfaction (ie avoiding un-necessary frustration).


 The allocation of Broadcast Networks to the original low channel numbers, followed by the early Cable networks programming into the next set of higher channel numbers is established by industry history.   The parallel growth of the technology, and the growth of the diversity of program content has been aborbed into the culture as common knowledge.


An example:  It seems reasonable that the mapping of analog 2-68 could transisition to HIGH DEF 702-768, requiring only an easy shift by a single constant to be learned.  Analog Channel 8, ABC Network via local CT Broadcast TV, could be assigned to HIGH DEF channel 708, etc.


A final feather for Charter Technology is in demonstraing the higher value of the cable service to appreciative numbers of customers who wish to use more than 4 simultaneous program channels.