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Gregory G. Davis


7pm, Tuesday 12 March 2013 at Charter Communications - Community Vision 21 Studio,  11 Commerce Road, Newtown CT 06470


Strategic Action Committee Report


January 2013 meeting cancelled.

Next meeting:  7pm Tuesday 09 April 2013 - Newtown Municipal Center

Interested parties / new members are invited.


Statewide Video Advisory Council Report


27 Feb 2013 Meeting, Merja Lehtinen - Chairman presiding.

2012 Annual Report reviewed & accepted.  December 2012 minutes reviewed & accepted.   Motion Passed:  The SVAC legislative committee is authorized to draft a letter to the CT Energy & Technology subcommittee requesting a review of Community Access concerns.  SVAC Annual Report 2012 can be viewed / downloaded here:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/index.html

Kinson Perry - AT&T Report: 

1.  R19 Interconnect will proceed with any/all interested Educational Access channel interconnections for Regions 12, 14, 15, Newtown, Brookfield, New Milford, Kent, & Sherman directly.  Community Vision 21 interconnection with Charter will be negotiated separately. 

2.  HB6402 is currently active, a revival of the Telecommunications and Modernization Act which died on the floor in the 2012 Legislative session.



PEGPETIA Grant Support for Public Schools



PURA DOCKET 12-11-03 Application of Region 12 School District for a Public, Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Investment Account (PEGPETIA) Grant


Interogatories are in progress:  PURA issues questions, the Region 12 Grant Application administrator responds.  Moving forward…Perhaps to a Final decision in May 2013.







12 March 2013 Community & Education/Local Government Access

Television Interconnection Status report


The Designated Community Access Provider Television channels which are NOT available on ATT U-Verse include Cable Franchise Areas 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, & 24.  Current Score,  33% Connected, while 66% remain UNCONNECTED, 7+ years ongoing into the process.


Advisory Council Assisted Interconnection Activity: 


AT&T Connection Surveys, issued at the Jan 2013 Advisory Council Meeting:

Submitted to CommunityVision21.


Educational / Government Channel 17 Applications forwarded to AT&T

Brookfield - New Milford -

Region 12 -  (Roxbury, Washington, Bridgewater) & Region 15 - Southbury


Applications have been provided to and contacts have been made with

Region 14 - (Woodbury, Bethlehem) & Newtown

Currently waiting for responses.


Educational / Government Channel 17 connections with AT&T have been established with Trumbull - Monroe - New Fairfield prior to 2013.


Chairman's Opinion: 


AT&T has decided to work around connection negotiations with Charter.

AT&T has decided to run dedicated high speed data links to each of the individual towns & schools in order to collect the Channel 17 programming.


This tactic is more expensive, compared with collecting all of the Channel 17 Educational/Government Programming streams and Channel 21 Community Access Programming from a SINGLE point - right here at the Charter Newtown Head End Cable Facility. 


This moves interconnecting with Charter Community Vision 21 way down on the priority list for AT&T - virtually guaranteeing more delay.


DRAFT MOTION:  12 March 2013 :  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19  Motion DR1R19CAC-13-03-12-M1 Community Access Service Denial for submission to PURA CATV Docket # 13-01-06 - Annual Community Access Review.





"Rising TV Fees Mean ALL Viewers Pay to Keep Sports Fans Happy"

by Brian Stelter,  Published by The New York Times, 25 Jan 2013.


REF:  http://cableadvisorycouncil.com/reports/index.html 


Two ideas for Council Motions have been suggested for possible action:


1) 'advising' Charter to implement a non-bundled, or more commonly called a la

cart, program option, for cable customers (beyond the basic tier); and


2) 'advising' Charter to implement a sports-intensive program bundle,

along with a sports-free program bundle, option.


Chairman's Analysis:


The public has clamoured for A La Carte program selection on cable for

More than two decades.


Public dis-satisfaction with cable company policy, price hikes, and

attitude reached fever pitch 6 years ago at the CT  PURA and with

CT State legislators.  In Response, AT&T authored legislation creating a

less regulated market by introducing competitive video services delivered on the

existing phone lines, Pubic Act 07-253, became law. 


The Public wanted  A La Carte.  The Public got ATT U-Verse.


ATT technology is  A La Carte Delivery at its heart and technial core.  ATT never sends more than 4 simultaneous video streams down the phone wires to your house.  All channel surfing and control switching in the home is accomplished remotely at the giant steel boxes located within 3000 feet of your house.  The ATT set top box is mandatory, and is little more than a simple internet type of modem.  Charter cable boxes are considerably more complex and expensive.


Even though ATT U-verse is inherently A la Carte' Technology,  ATT uses the same bundled program Billing Practices that are in pricing Lock Step with Cable.  Cable.  CT does not achieved video services De-regulation.  Cable companies and AT&T now have a slightly less regulated monopoly position, were they may continue fixed percentage profit markups on the content costs. 


Any private sector US business tends to be addicted to easier/fatter

margins as long as they can get them.  The cable/video business tends toward

the fixed profit % pricing model added on top of the raw material

cost.  (ie.. just like big Oil).  The net result - with a fixed percentage cash profit spin off business model, the higher the raw materials go, the more profits you generate for distribution to corporate shareholders and their executive management.  40 years of recent history displays this relationship, having become the "American Way". Here is the root of the sports programming addiction by the cable and video service distributors.  Content Cartels have ZERO incentive to unbundle their wares, until such time that A La Carte' sales / delivery channels financially outperform the profitiblity of their bundled business model.  Everybody wins, except the citizens who are customers captive to this monopolistic behaviour.


We can continue to endorse the A La Carte Motion advisories with

Charter.  We can do them in Multiple Formats. We can issue them with Bi-Monthly Regularity at every meeting.  We will continue to do these things, as they are worth doing.


How will Charter respond?:  They will Ignore A La Carte Advisories.


The real issue is Anti-Trust Action at the Federal level which is

required to bust the Program Content Cartels.... Disney, CBS, NBC,

FOX, being culprits of this monopoly building behaviour with their

purchase of the Previously independent cable channels.  (Once upon a

time Newspapers were not allowed to own other newspapers).  These

Cartels own or control the copyright to the content which they

represent.  This conundrum lies in the able hands of the US Congress:  ie… Copyright vs. Anti-Trust.  


Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, known as the Copyright Clause, empowers the United States Congress


    To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.


Exclusive Rights for Creators benefits the creators to inspire them to invent and create.


Limited Times to those rights benefits the citizens and the nation to insure that the works become PUBLIC DOMAIN, allowing public access to those discoveries and creations for the advancement of the national culture and economic competiveness.


And for an ENCORE PERFORMANCE, Returning to the Connecticut General Assembly  is Raised Bill No. 6402 in the House of Representatives:




Refer to http://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/TOB/H/2013HB-06402-R00-HB.htm  for the current text.






KEYNOTE OF REFERENCE:  THE HB6402 Statement of Purpose:

To eliminate (1) the requirement that telecommunications and cable companies submit an annual audit to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, (2) the authority's power to reclassify as noncompetitive a competitive service, (3) the requirement for telecommunications service providers and telephone companies to file tariffs for competitive and emerging competitive telecommunications service, (4) the requirement that the authority approve the withdrawal by a telephone company of competitive telecommunications service, and (5) the requirement that the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection annually report to the General Assembly on the status of telecommunications service and regulation in the state.


At this point of the modernization analysis,  Mr. Spock's Left Eyebrow would be rise and wink….But let us return to This unfairness issue as it was identified  by John Malone in the NY Times article who publicly said  ""that runaway sports rights" amount to "a high tax on a lot of households that don't have a lot of interest in sports""  The only short-term fix, he said, was government intervention.


Who is John Malone?  WikiPedia says:

John C. Malone (born March 7, 1941) is an American businessman and philanthropist. He served as chief executive officer of cable and media giant, Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI), for twenty-four years from 1973–1996. Malone is now chairman of Liberty Media [2] and CEO of Discovery Holding Company. He was the interim CEO of Liberty Media until succeeded by former Oracle CFO Greg Maffei. As of 1 February 2011, Malone surpassed Ted Turner as the largest individual private landowner in the United States, owning 2,100,000 acres (8,500 km2) of land, most of which is in Maine.[3]


Chairman's Opinion:  Clearly John  Malone is a veteran from the Nose Bleed Levels of Corporate Control and Compensation,  (ie…those with base salaries of $20M+ $100'sM of incentives).  I suggest that John Malone knows exactly what he is talking about.   Let Us GO LEGISLATIVE


This is an effective way to stay clear of and not embroil the

copyright/monopoly stalemate;  A strategy which can be endorsed by

Charter, AT&T, and even the State legislators.


The Cartels will be exposed as supporting an immoral position to continue forcing Grandma and Grandpa (who only want to see Nat Geo, History, and TCM), without having to subsidize the outlandish sports TV programming costs.


DR1R19CAC-13-03-12-M2 Subscriber Choice



A proper response for Charter, and a response I will continue to

lobby, is a SPORTS FREE EXPANDED BASIC TIER, with the actual sports

channel costs rightfully shifted to an alternate SPORTS DOMINATED

expanded basic as currently offered by Charter.  Active support for

this policy would defuse government action, and win the hearts of your



What Charter Can Do: 


Respond specifically to Customer demand for a

SPORTS FREE Expanded Basic tier, in addition to their current fare of a sports laden tier of Expanded Basic.


DR1CACR19-13-03-12-M3 Sports Free Tier

DR1R19CAC-13-03-12-M4 Digital Migration


Herewith a few more Actions and advisories for the Cable Advisory Council to round out the evening:


DR1R19CAC-13-03-12-M5 LISF Account

DR1CACR19-13-03-12-M6 AV Recording





Respectfully Submitted,




Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council

PURA CAP area 19, Charter - Western