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Gregory G. Davis

Chat Transcript via Charter.com Website Agent 14 January 2014

You have been connected to Veronica.

Gregory Davis: Greetings Veronica

Veronica: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you today! My name is Veronica and I'll be taking care of you. How can I help?

Gregory Davis: Veronica, I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed, an even intimidated by the Charter.com website! I am having trouble understanding it.

Gregory Davis: A simple question to answer, I cannot find...

Gregory Davis: What is the lowest basic cable service cost....

Veronica: I would be happy to help you today.

Veronica: To get started, may I please verify your full address including zip code?

Gregory Davis: yes, but the website has made me key this information in at least 4 times already! 57 Squire Road, 06783

Veronica: Thank you very much for that information! Please bear with me just a moment.

Gregory Davis: The fancy graphics, and all the over the top - in your face - bold graphics BIG BUNDLE DEALS, all with the * asterisk saying something about a 12 month intro period with the Low Rate with all the Super Hype

Gregory Davis: I Just Want to Know, How much is basic cable, All by itself, without any dependencies, or bundle bindings..

Veronica: Thanks Gregory. In order to access your account, may I please have the security code (4 digit code found on upper left corner of your statement) or the PIN (4 or 5 digit code that you chose as a personal identifier when starting your services)?

Gregory Davis: Veronica, I do not remember the codes, and I will have to look for a bill....standby a moment please

Veronica: Take your time.

Gregory Davis: OK, found a bill, security code ####

Veronica: Thank you very much for that information! Please bear with me just a moment.

Veronica: I see that you currently have TV Select with 2 receivers is that correct?

Gregory Davis: Yes, two cable boxes...I am not sure what you mean by TV Select

Veronica: TV Select is Basic and Expanded Basic.

Gregory Davis: You see, My January Bill has just arrived, and it is now nearly $100, and

I just have basic cable.... How could this be?

Gregory Davis: What is the lowest cost basic cable service, and where do I find that information on your website?

Veronica: I do see that bill has increase $4.00. The recievers have increased from $5.99 to $6.99 and the other $2.00 is from the taxes.

Veronica: TV Select is the lowest TV tier,

Gregory Davis: I am confused. Simple Question: What is the lowest cost Basic Cable Service you offer?

Veronica: What channels do you watch the most?

Gregory Davis: Local Channels, CSPAN, Local Access, CT-N, PBS, The Major Broadcast Networks... That about does it. And again, What is the lowest cost basic cable service you offer, and is it even possible to find this information on your website?

Veronica: We do have a Basic which only includes 10-15 channels.

Veronica: 2 WCBS - CBS








11 WPIX - CW

17 Educational Access


19 Connecticut Public Affairs Network

20 WCCT - CW

21 Local Access


Veronica: This plan with 2 receivers is $39.97 before tax.

Gregory Davis: Thank you Veronica. Can I give back the cable boxes and get a lower rate? Where do I find this information on the Charter website?

Veronica: In order to have access to the channels you will need to have the receivers.

Veronica: The Basic plan is not listed online.

Veronica: Only because it is not available in most areas.

Gregory Davis: Can I get a new TV which does not need the cable boxes?

Veronica: All TV will need a receiver.

Gregory Davis: When you say WILL need a receiver box, does that relate to the ALL DIGITAL promotional hype on your website?

Veronica: That is correct/

Gregory Davis: Back to the question; What is the lowest cost basic cable service with ONE decoder box - And the TAXES too?

Veronica: The Basic plan with 1 receiver would be around $32.98 before taxes.

Veronica: I do not have access to the taxes until the changes are made.

Gregory Davis: Was there any possible way for me to figure this out from your website... I feel pretty stupid..

Veronica: As mentioned above the Basic is not online.

Gregory Davis: OK, Thank you Veronica. Is it fair to say the Charter does NOT want me to know what the lowest cost basic service is?

Veronica: The reason the basic plan is not line is because it is not available in most areas.

Gregory Davis: I do not understand why Basic Service is NO Longer available in most areas. That is very disturbing... and HIGHLY encourages Mass CABLE CORD CUTTING.... This is NOT good.... Charter Cable Service is very important to our community... Do you have any advice?

Veronica: Unfortunately I do not, Did you have any other questions about your account I can help you with today?

Gregory Davis: That is all for now Veronica. You have answered my questions

Veronica: Thanks so much for chatting in! For general self help please visit http://support.charter.com.

Have a great day, and once again I thank you for your business!