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Gregory G. Davis   9 April 2013






4.1    The Council shall annually elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and Treasurer, whose respective terms shall commence July 1st.


4.2     Each elected office shall have duties usually incident to that respective office. 


4.2.1    Chairperson:

a)      Shall prepare an agenda for each regular meeting and special meeting.

b)      Shall, following consultation with the Council, make appointment recommendations, if necessary, to the chief elected official or Board of Education in the city or town planning to fill a vacancy.

c)      Shall appoint members of standing or select committees, and, who, as charged by the chair, shall appear and represent the Council at any public hearings or meeting and shall testify at such hearing or meeting on behalf of the Council as its representative. 

d)      Shall assign a date and location of meetings, provided the Council fails to do so.  Should a meeting be cancelled or postponed, the Chairperson shall assign an alternate date and/or location.

e)        Shall represent the Council's agreed-upon positions in all issues brought before the Department of Public Utilities Control (DPUC), or shall appoint a representative to do so.

f)      Shall prepare an annual report to be presented at the annual meeting for Council approval.  The report will be forwarded as required by state regulations, to the DPUC by no later than the first day of August of the same year.


4.3    Only the Chairperson shall issue public statements to the media. Individual members may make statements stressing that they are only speaking for themselves.  Only the chairperson, or designee, shall act as the council’s spokesperson.


5.2    The Chairperson is authorized to cancel meetings for weather or other emergencies at the Chairperson’s discretion.  


 6.1   All requests for reimbursements and receipts shall be directed to the Treasurer upon approval by the Chairperson.


6.3    Amounts up to $500.00 may be expended at the discretion of the Chairperson.  Amounts exceeding $500.00 shall require prior resolution of the Council.


6.5   An annual audit will be performed of Council funds by a committee designated by the Chairperson.


7.1   The Chairperson may appoint sub-committees, and a Chairperson thereof with specific charges to investigate, study and make recommendations to the Council.   At least one (1) sub-committee member shall be a Council member.


7.2   Subject to a vote of the Council, nonmembers of the Council may serve on committees but shall have no voting privileges at Council meetings.


10.3  The Chairperson shall, prior to the expiration of the terms of all members, request the appointing official of each town to either re­appoint the current member or appoint new representatives.  The two-year attendance records of the current appointees shall be included in this correspondence.


Additional  Chairman duties not specified in the Advisory Council Bylaws:








BYLaws Updates should formally address the above positions.

Section 4.1f needs updated.  The Annual Cable Advisory Council Report Filing Requirement Responsibility for PURA has been changed to 31 Jan. along with the Required Docket Filing Specification - The Annual Community Access Support Review opened in the PURA CATV category in the FIRST week of January.


4.2.3   Secretary:

a)      Shall act as the recording officer of the Council and the custodian of its records, except when those duties are specifically assigned to another board member.  The records should include:

  i.      minutes of all regular and special meetings

  ii.      register of active members

  iii.      member attendance as recorded by the Vice-Chairperson

b)      Shall notify all officers and committees of their appointments.

c)      Shall keep a book of by-laws and standing rules.

d)      Shall send timely notices of all meetings to members.

e)      Shall track attendance at meetings.

f)      Shall conduct correspondence for the Council except as otherwise provided herein.

g)      Shall maintain a list of standing and select committee members.

h)      Shall, in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, call meeting to order and preside until the election of a Chair Pro-Tem takes place.


10.1          The Secretary will provide minutes of each Council meeting to the appointing authority of each member town and to the Town Clerk.


4.2.2   Vice-Chairperson:

a)      Shall administer the Council attendance policy.

b)      Shall conduct correspondence regarding town representative appointments.  The Vice-Chairperson will report to the Council the appointment or resignation of members and shall maintain and circulate a register of current members.

c)      Shall, in absence of the Chairperson, call meetings to order and preside over the meeting.


4.2.4.  Treasurer:

a)      Shall act as the Council's banker, holding the funds deposited to the Council and paying out on the order of the Council.

b)      Shall present a report at least four (4) times a year as directed by Council vote or by the Chair.  Reports should consist of any information regarding the receipts and disbursements previously authorized by the Council, and should include vouchers.

c)      Shall present an annual fiscal report at the annual meeting.  The report shall consist of any information regarding the receipts and disbursements made during the Council's operating year.

d)      Shall, in the absence of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, call the meetings to order and preside until a Chair Pro-Tem is elected.

e)      In addition to the Chairperson, checks may also be signed by the Treasurer. 


6.1             All requests for reimbursements and receipts shall be directed to the Treasurer upon approval by the Chairperson.


6.2             Disbursements for any reason shall be made through the Council's checking account.


6.4             Each year on January 1st, the Treasurer shall provide the Department Of Public Utility an accounting of funding and services received and expended in accordance with Sec. 2 Public Act 89-182.


A Cable Advisory Council Policy Motion R19CAC-13-01-09-V1 for travel expense reimbursement has been adopted with an additional duty for the treasurer as follows:


The Cable Advisory Council Mileage Reimbursement Policy is based upon following principles:

1.  Protect the integrity of the officers by implementing a proper accounting system.


2.  Respect the Authorization embodied in the Official Council Appointment Letters or Official Appointment in Town Meeting Minutes for automobile travel expense reimbursement.

3.  Respect the Authority of the official minutes of the Advisory Council meetings as record of attendance in performing the work of the council.

 4.  Eliminate the cost barrier - both real and subconscious, for members to attend the council meetings.

5.  Do not impose excess paperwork & expense report form filling chores onto members requesting travel cost reimbursement for attending council meetings.

6.  Reimbursement is optional - take it or not.

7.  Engender good will and positive spirit in promoting the work of the Council.


The Advisory Council Mileage Expense Reimbursement Policy:

A.  Standard Round Trip Mileage distances are established by round trip Travel Distance calculation, rounded up to the next whole dollar amount, between the council member's home address, or the central Post Office Zip Code of the member town, and the site of the Council Meeting


B.  A list of qualified members is established in advance of the council meeting by the chairman and/or the council officers.


C.  Qualified members may choose to accept the standard reimbursement by placing their signature on the Official Advisory Council Cash Disbursement Ledger at the council meeting.


D. An Advisory Council Petty Cash box is created, with individual cash packets assembled in advance per the Official Advisory Council Travel Reimbursement Chart.


E.  Council members that do not place their signatures on the Reimbursement Ledger at the council meeting have respectfully chosen to decline the reimbursment for that meeting.


F.  Undelivered reimbursement packs return to the Council Petty Cash Box Account.


SUNSET Amendment to the Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy:


A.  Calculation of the 19 town member travel expense milage reimbursement could cause the advisory council budget to exceed the annual support fee paid to the Advisory Council by Charter Communications.   It has been decided that Advisory Council reserve funds will be used to pay for the additional costs for a period of 2 calendar years, January 2013 through December 2014, after which this Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy will automatically expire.