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Chairman Report by Gregory G. Davis, 12 November 2013

Legislative Repair initiative to PA 07-253

The Bigger Picture: The future of community access television is not secure due to several oversights and shortcomings of Public Act No. 07-253, An Act Concerning Certified Competitive Video Service. Clarification and addendum’s to this act need to consider the following :

1. The designated community access regions must become institutionalized in CT law to provide a minimum basic level of "Local" community access. The 24 cable franchise territories which existed at the time of PA07-253 passage is a logical and functional framework.

2. The advisory council which serves each of the designated community access providers will be funded by the regional video providers/cable providers/community antenna license holders which serve the region per guidelines established by the the PURA under the annual community access support review review docket.

3. The PURA will promote and protect a secure future for community access television, through the annual support review of the designated community access providers, and their advisory councils. The PURA will conduct a full investigation of programming and operations of each designated community access provider and their advisory council, at least once every five years.

4. PURA will encourage and assist the transition of legacy cable company sponsored designated community access providers to become independent third party not-for-profit status operations upon request of either party.

5. The CVFA license will require a minimum qualification for the Certified Statewide Video Provider license to be set by the PURA, ie... After 5 years of build-out, the CVFA licensee will offer services to either 51% of the towns or residential homes in the State of Connecticut, or automatically revert to the CCFA license.

6. PEGPETIA grant funding sources will expand to include the CVFA license holders.

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, R19 Charter Western Advisory Council