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Chairman Report by Gregory G. Davis, 12 November 2013

Community Access Subscriber Fee Advisory for PURA

Summary Proposal for PURA Annual Review, Policy, and Guidelines

A. Each of the 24 designated community access provider regions in CT has a unique mix of Designated Community Access Providers serving Public, Educational, and Government access (PEG) producers. The sources of financial support for the designated community access provider is to be fairly reviewed annually by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) per the following guidelines:

1. The designated community access provider for the General Public will have subscriber fee funding support priority. It has no other source of funding. The Government and Educational access producers are encouraged to share the designated community access provider resources, ie.. the use of the access facility, access training support staff, and the corresponding community access distribution channel bandwidth on the video/cable provider systems.

2. The Government and Educational access producers do not have a specific proportional right to the subscriber fees for use in operation of independent access production facilities. Government and educational institutions have well established funding sources with institutional administrative oversight. CT Educational districts have been given a dedicated access channel by CT law. Municipal governments are encouraged to share the Educational Channel Access, as they often share common Geo-political territories.

3. The community access provider infrastructure has organically evolved over 3+ decades, and included diverse roles provided by government and educational access television providers. Over time, some of these access providers have participated in a larger role, including the expansion of local Public community access provider functions. The PURA recognizes these social benefits for public access, and may include subscriber fee support review allocations in the annual review.

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, R19 Charter Western Advisory Council