New Teachers, TV Studio Welcoming Students in Region 12


Published: Wednesday, August 27, 2014  Litchfield County Times


By Viktoria Sundqvist on Twitter


WASHINGTON, Conn. – Ten new teachers and a new video production studio welcomed back students in Regional School District No. 12 this week.


The new teachers are spread throughout the district, School Superintendent Patricia Cosentino said.


“We hired some excellent staff,” Cosentino said. “We’re very excited about the people that we’ve hired.”


Two new music teachers have joined the district; one of them will teach string instruments and will be in charge of the band at Shepaug Valley High School, Cosentino said. Three new elementary school teachers have been hired as well as a new technology education teacher. A new science teacher started at the high school in addition to a new school psychologist and a new special education teacher, the superintendent said.


Last year, the district received a grant from PURA to design a television and production studio, which has been completed at Shepaug. Classes will be offered through the art and technology departments, such as digital music technology, and so far, the students seem “very excited about it,” Cosentino said.


“We have a whole career pathway kicking off at Shepaug this year that will include the digital media movie making course, which delves deep into the world of video production, including documentary film making and participation in the CT Student Film Festival,” Instructional Technology Specialist Karen Fildes said. “We also offer a sound design class that focuses on digital branding, such as the sound clips you hear in advertising.”


The video editing lab, comprised of state-of-the-art iMac stations, opened in October last year and then the full TV studio launched in April, Fildes said. This will be the first full school year with everything in working order.


“We are also working with Charter Communication in Newtown for our upperclassmen in the program to work as interns if this is something that they see could be a career pathway,” Fildes said.


The school district, which encompasses Bridgewater, Roxbury or Washington, will have 749 students this year, a decline of about 30 students since last year, Cosentino said.


“A the end of the last school year, the board (of education) reduced the tuition rate to $7,500 per year, so we’re hoping that there may be other families who would like to send their children to Region 12,” the superintendent said. “You can attend if you live in another town and pay tuition rate.” Continued...