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Gregory G. Davis




This April 2013 I reviewed the 2012 Community Vision 21 CAP Annual PURA report.

The following note from the report summarizes this review:

"The entire Western CT system was 55,989 basic cable subscribers (2012).  The combined studio expenses totaled $484,502.53 (Newtown/Winsted).  Charter's per subscriber expenditures for 2012 were $8.65 per subscriber.  (PURA Docket 12-01-08 required $7.52 for 2012.)"  


The Calculation based on these facts reveals ($8.65 - $7.52) *  55,989 basic subscribers = $63,267.57 additional operating cost funding provided by Charter Communications.


Further:  The CommunityVision21 Operations Report reveals the following costs:

Accounting Fees: $0.00,  with estimated value of $12,000

Legal Fees:  $0.00, with an estimated value of $25,000

RENT:  $0.00,  with an estimated value of $90,000

Telephone:  $0.00, with an estimated value of  $14,400

L&C Insurance $0, with an estimated value of $2,500


The thumb in the air cost estimates are mine, however, the bigger picture reveals that

Another $143,900 of private sector estimated market rate costs directly accountible to the CAP operation, in addition to the $63,267.57 subsidy published in the report.   The overall total of $ 207,167.57 is being covered by the general operating overhead of Charter Communications.   $628,402.53 total costs / 55,989 basic subscribers =  $11.22 cost per basic subscriber in 2012, supported by the PURA specified $7.52 annual subscriber fee for 2012.   


Conclusions For 2012:


The Annual report does not reveal the subscriber fee contribution to cost support collected by the competing ATT Statewide Video Services Provider (ATT), 

My estimate of this contribution is 12,560 subscribers * $7.52 =  $94,452. 

Adding the ATT subscriber fee collection to the picture reveals the Charter subsidy to the CAP operation is ($207,168 - 94,452) = $112,716.

It is clear that Charter Communications continues to be a very strong, active, and substantial supporter of Community Access Provider Operations.