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Positive Customer Service Experience

Report by Gregory G. Davis

25 July 2013

For the attention of

Tom Cohan

Director, Government Relations, New England/NY

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Charter Communications

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Greetings Tom

I am pleased to pass this message to you, received from one of Charter Cable's Customers in St. Louis, who found www.CableAdvisoryCouncil.com on the internet, and desired to express her appreciation for a job well done. The text from the electronic email communications is below:

Susan Elrod <elrodatcape14@yahoo.com> Jul 18 (7 days ago) to GGD

I think people need to comment on positive experiences with companies as well as disgruntlement. Today I needed help downloading Charter Security on the Internet. Just recently learned that was free with Charter. I got a wonderful tech named Sara who was in St. Louis, Mo. (Not some foreign country) St. Louis is just 100 miles from where I live. She spoke very clear English and was a tremendous help. She was patient, led me through the process and we succeeded in accomplishing the goal. My computer was slow in deleting the previous virus coverage. Sara called me back two different times to allow things to process. I have never had such positive service!!Sara told me the company is bringing tech help back to the U.S. at customer request. Wonderful, wonderful! I will always praise Charter to others giving this experience.

Best regards,

Gregory G. Davis KB1HW

Chairman, R19CWAC


Susan Elrod <elrodatcape14@yahoo.com>