Submitteed for DOCKET # 13-01-06

Public Utility Regulatory Authority

Ten Franklin Square

New Britain, CT 06051


of the State of Connecticut


Twelve-month period ending December 31, 2012


Name of Advisory Council

Charter Western Cable Advisory Council

PURA Cable Franchise Map area 19

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 87, Newtown, CT 06470



E-Mail Address

Contact Person

Gregory G. Davis, Chairman

Towns Served

Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Colebrook, Harwinton, Kent, Monroe, New Fairfield, New Hartford,


New Milford, Newtown, Roxbury, Sherman, Southbury, Trumbull, Washington, Winchester, Woodbury

Cable Franchise Holder

Charter Communications Cable Company




Names of Council Members

Titles - Towns - Appt CEO rep or BOE

Gregory G. Davis

Chairperson (Roxbury rep)

Carmella Amodeo

Vice Chairperson (Newtown BOE)

Carl Braun

Treasurer (Woodbury Rep)

Stephanie O'Rourke

Secretary (Kent -Reg1 BOE)

Jonathan Gibney


Douglas Branson

Kent Rep

Donald S. Stein

Barkhamsted First Selectman

Kathy Colavito

Brookfield BOE

Ken Swain

Bridgewater Rep

Ray Juskiewicz

New Fairfield Rep

Kevin Burns

Newtown Rep

Eugene Rosen

Newtown Rep

George Fletcher

New Milford Rep

Tom Joyner

Sherman BOE

George Linkletter

Sherman Rep

Paul Katzmark

Southbury Rep

Karen Kirk

Southbury Rep

Donna Cassidy

Trumbull BOE

Jim Lang

Trumbull rep

This report is mandatory per § 16-331c of the General Statutes of Connecticutand § 16-333-30 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies



Council Meeting Dates*


January 10, 2012

Charter Communications offices, Newtown, Ct

March 13, 2012

Charter Communications offices, Newtown, Ct

May 08, 2012

Charter Communications offices, Newtown, Ct

July 10, 2012

Charter Communications offices, Newtown, Ct

September 11, 2012

Charter Communications offices, Newtown, Ct

November 13, 2012

Charter Communications offices, Newtown, Ct

May 08, 2012

Special Council Meeting:  Bylaws Revision

March 23, 2012

Special Council Meeting, Newtown Town Hall

October 9, 2012

Strategic Action Comm, Newtown Town Hall

December 11, 2012

Strategic Action Comm, Newtown Town Hall






*Note:  All Meeting Minutes are available on line at

The Major Motions passed by the Advisory Council are summarized below. 


SUMMARY OF COUNCIL ACTIVITIES & Chairman Report for Jan-Dec 2012:


1.  Comprehensive outreach in July & August to the 19 member towns - to recruit and promote the work of the Cable Advisory Council. 


2.  Motion to amend Council Bylaws;  Amended 08 May 2012, adding the following text to the mission statement preamble of section 1:


1.3  The  Council shall carry out the responsibilities specified by CT Statues and delegated by the CT Public Utilities Regulatory Authority  to promote and protect the mission of meaningful access for community based program producers, collectively defined as the (P)ublic - (E)ducational - (G)overnment groups, for broadcast channel access by The Designated  Community Access Provider.


3.  Motion passed in a Special Council Meeting 23 March 2012.  Motion denied, however the CT League of Women's Voters was in agreement.


This council finds exception with draft decision in Docket No. 11-08-06 PURA INVESTIGATION INTO COMMUNITY ACCESS PROGRAMMING AND OPERATIONS because the words  "ADVISORY COUNCIL" or any reference to the Advisory Council responsibilities per 16-331a (b) (j) are not found in the Conclusion. 





4.  Major Motion Passed 11 September 2012 - The Council Prime Directive and affirmed by 5 Nov 2012 PURA letter response:


Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-01 (passed 15/0) to request PURA advisory review to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the Cable Advisory Council Mission, hereby described as its Prime Directive:               


The Cable Advisory Council is a legally created entity of the State of Connecticut with its statutory existence documented in the official Bylaws of the Advisory Council.

The Cable Advisory Council charge is to carry forth the work set in CT law as an extension of the PURA; to be an active partner supporting the designated Community Access Provider programming and operations; and be an Advisory agent for Community Interests in communications with the Cable company about policies, products, & services.  Specifically, the PRIME DIRECTIVE of the advisory council is as follows:


A   To promote and protect a secure future for meaningful Community Access television programming created by Community based groups of Producers.  16-331a (b)


B   To advise PURA on the qualifications of a third party non-profit organizations which may petition to become a Designated Community Access Provider (CAP). 16-331a ( c.1)


C   To petition for an official hearing to review the Programming and Operations of the existing Designated Community Access Provider (CAP). 16-331a ( c 8)


D   To advise the Designated Community Access Provider (CAP) on the suitability of adult programming. 16-331a( g).


E   To request an independent audit of the Designated Community Access provider operations, programming, and technical standards. 16-331a (h).


F   To meet with official representatives of Charter Communications – the CCFA license holder at least twice per year. 16-333t ( a ).


G   To offer advisory opinion and/or request advice on any issues involving Charter Communications products and services. 16-331


H   To serve with intervenor status in any contested case involving Charter – the CCFA license holder, and the PURA . 16-331t ( d ).


I    To appoint one representative to serve on the State-Wide Video Advisory Council 16-331i.









5.  Major Motion Passed 13 November 2012 - ACCESS INTERCONNECT



Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19 Motion R19CAC-12-11-13-M2 (passed 9/0).   To be submitted for  PURA CATV Docket # 13-01-06  Annual Community Access Review.


The Cable Advisory Council will serve to promote Community Access interconnection between cable and video program providers serving CT PURA Map area 19, for (P)ublic, (E)ductional, and (G)overnment groups of community based television program producers.


6.  13 November 2012 Major Motion Passed:  Cable Bill Notification Insert Update


Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion R19CAC-12-11-13-M1 (passed 8/1) to request Charter review for Cable Billing Insert Notification text as follows for compliance with CGS 16-331t(e):

Charter Cable Advisory Councils

Charter customers in CT are represented by two regional Cable Advisory Councils, established by the state legislature as an advisory group to the state Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA). Each town in the Charter service areas can appoint representatives to the Advisory Council. The Advisory Councils’ primary functions are to support and advise the designated Community Access Programming provider and advise the company on consumer issues related to Charter’s cable television services, products and policies. 

Charter Cable Advisory Councils may be contacted as follows: 

1)  Newtown/Winsted system in Western CT,  can be reached via email at, by mail at Cable Advisory Council, P.O. Box 87, Newtown, CT, 06470, and the website.

2)   Willimantic system in Northeast CT can be reached by mail at Cable Advisory Council, P.O. Box 144, Willimantic, CT 06226.

Charter Operates 3 Local Community Access Studios in CT 

1)  Newtown, CommuniTyVision21, 11 Commerce Dr., Newtown, CT 06470, Phone: 203-304-4050, Web:

2)  Winsted, Community Access Television 13, 140 Willow St., Suite 3, Winsted, CT 06098, Phone: 860-738-5090, Web:

3)  Willimantic, Community Access Television 14, 207 Tuckie Rd., N. Windham, CT 06256, Phone: 860-456-8500, Web:

Please do NOT send bill payments to the Advisory Councils or the Community Access Studios, doing so will delay or prevent payment of your bill.




7.  Major Motion Passed 11 September 2012 - Council Expenses. 


Motion Affirmed by 5 November 2012 PURA response letter, that the council is NOT a charity, council travel expense reimbursement is justified, and may alternately choose to reference the GSA travel expense reimbursement schedule.


Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-M5 (passed 13/0/2) to request PURA advisory for Travel Expense Reimbursement rate


Please confirm that the official 2012 IRS .555/mile expense rate applies for council member travel reimbursement doing the work of the council.


Please confirm that the Cable Advisory Council is NOT a Charity (charity travel expense is reimbursed at 0.14/mile)


8.  Major Motion Passed:  11 September 2012 - PURA assist with Access Interconnect.  PURA Scope of influence limited to an official request by the participants as defined in 5 Nov 2012 Response Letter.


Re:  Cable Advisory Council - Charter Communications Western, CAP region 19

Motion 12-09-11-M4 (passed 15/0). Request a report in writing from Charter Communications to honestly and openly describe any obstacles that prevent interconnection of the Designated Community Access Provider Channel with ATT U-Verse.  2. Request that PURA consider further action to facilitate the interconnection of the access & education channels between Charter Communications and ATT U-Verse.


9.  Full update to the official council members record with supporting documentation.


10.  Upgrade to the website.


11.  Updated Annual reports for Calendar Years 2010 & 2011 submitted to PURA.


12.  Formed a Strategic Action Committee to Assist the Chairman with agenda planning and priority, with bi-monthly meetings beginning in October 2012, followed by a December 2012 SAC meeting.





Accounting of Financial Activities

Twelve-month period ending December 31, 2012


Beginning Cash Balance Jan. 1, 2011          $ 22,818.63

Total Cash received in calendar year

$  2,082.32


Total Cash disbursed in calendar year

$  1,548.61


Ending Cash Balance Dec. 31, 2011








Cable Company Cash Contribution



Other Contributions












Interest Income











Total Revenue/Income









Office Supplies









Accounting Fees



Cable Council Workshop



Legal Fees



Grants for Education



Website maintenance



Other – Taxes



Other – Mailbox



Total Expenses







1.  The work of the council at the current level of activity will expend the annual $2000 budget.


2.  The Council expects that travel expense reimbursement for members will add $2000 annual additional costs to the council budget for 2013.


3.  The council cash asset reserve will cover the operating deficits for through 2014 per council Decision R19CAC-13-01-09-V1.


4. All Cable Advisory Council Records & Documents are posted at:  


Submitted, Gregory G. Davis, Chairman  12 March 2013