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25 November 2014

Via First Class Mail and Electronic Filing

Nicholas E. Neeley Acting Executive Secretary (860) 827-1553


Executive Secretary, Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

10 Franklin Square New Britain CT 06051


Re: Save Our Community Access Providers

The MVPD license holders in CT are NOT collecting community access fees from subscribers who cancel the “Basic Cable TV package”, in favor of internet only with video programming delivered Over-The-Top (OTT).

This dramatic shift in the subscriber choices, away from bundled programming packages in favour of a’la’carte, is profound and significant.  The transition to “Internet only” with OTT video can easily exceed 30% over the next 36 months, with dire consequences to Connecticut’s Institution of Community Access Television.   Community Access Provider Operating budgets will be slashed by over 30%.  This is VERY WRONG.  

The interpretation of CGS 16-331a(k) by the MVPD’s, which allows them to invent separate classifications of “exempt subscribers”, is not supported - nor is it denied.

This letter formally requests PURA to clarify and order that MPVD license holders in CT are required to collect fees to support the designated community access provider operations from all subscribers as per CGS 16-331a(k). MVPD invented classifications of subscribers exempt from community access fees must be denied.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gregory G. Davis, KB1YHW

Chairman, Cable Advisory Council, CWAC R19


Council Decision: R19CWAC-14-11-11-M3-SOCAP