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to Heidi, Van, me

Hi Greg,

I’ll be out of town this week, attending meetings at our Denver office.

The update I have is brief:

1) Charter participated in the state Emergency Response/Disaster Recovery exercise on June 20th and 22nd. This exercise is intended to improve communications among all parties involved in emergency response and disaster recovery situations. As part of this exercise, Charter staff participated in a statewide Make-Safe exercise with other telecom and utility providers, as well as state emergency management officials and municipal officials, at Torrington. We also participated in the local Make Safe exercise in Trumbull. As part of this exercise, Charter staff were also participating at the state Emergency Operations Center in Hartford and the CL&P Emergency Operations Center in Berlin, CT. This will be an annual exercise.

2) PURA issued a draft report last month in the docket related to the response to Storm Sandy last October, praising the performance of Charter and other cable and telecom companies in its communications with local officials and customers and coordination of restoration activities with the utility companies and state agencies.

3) PURA just announced that it is discontinuing PEG PETIA grants and has stopped accepting new applications. It is still not clear what they intend to do with the funds they have on hand, or whether they will take steps to stop requiring cable providers to collect this fee from customers.

4) As the legislative session came to a close in mid-June, none of the key legislation related to cable or telecom issues was approved.

Let me know if you have any questions.