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NEWSDESK - Cable/MVPD  Industry March-May 2015

SOCAP-HB6436 ET Testimony-PHB-Loophole Advisory

SOCAP-HB6436 ET Testimony-Cap Fee Myths-Facts

SOCAP HB6436 E-T Committee Public Hearing 19Feb2015 GGDavis Oral Testimony

SOCAP HB6436 E-T Committee Public Hearing 19 Feb 2015 GGDavis Written Testimony

CGA 2015 E-T Committee House Bill 6436 - SOCAP

Annual Advisory Council Report for 2014 to Roxbury Town Council

Cable Industry News Desk Report 16Jan-9 Mar 2015

SOCAP-Legislative Initiative 1 Feb 2015 Update

SOCAP-Energy/Technology Committee 1 Feb 2015 Draft Testimony

Advisory Council Area 19 Towns - Legislative Contacts Info

Cable Industry News Desk Report January 2015

FCC Report- Video Content and Distribution Regulation

2014 Annual Report Area 19 Cable Advisory Council

2014 Annual Report Statewide Video Advisory Council

SVAC January 2015 Meeting Documents

Chairman Special Report - Advisory Council Legislative Initiative

Chairman Letter to PURA - Save our Community Access Providers

SVAC October 2014 Meeting Documents

Chairman Letter to Charter Cable Customers re ALL Digital Service

Chairman report - 2014 CT Lobbyist Conference

Late Sept - Mid November Cable News Headlines

PEGPETIA Restore Initiative Sample Form Letter

Region12 Schools PEGPETIA Grant Use Report

September 2014 Cable Industry News Headlines

Chairman Letter to State Rep.O'Neill - Sept Meeting Invitation

August 2014 SVAC Legislative Committee report

August 2014 Cable Industry News Headlines

August 2014 Council Steering Committee report

Chairman & Roxbury 1st Selectman Letter to PURA

July 2014 Council Meeting Chairman Report

July 2014 Cable Industry News Headlines

June 2014 SVAC Legislative Committee report

June 2014 Council Steering Committee report

June 2014 Cable Industry News Headlines

May 2014 Council Meeting Chairman Report

Is The Community Access Future Secure?- by GGDavis

May 2014 Cable Industry News Headlines

GGDavis/R19CWAC Basic Service Tier Campaign Letter

GGDavis/R19CWAC Basic Service Tier Press Release

SVAC June 2014 Meeting Minutes

GGDavis Report - Soundview Decision Finally

CT Court 31Mar2014 Final Decision - Soundview Vs. PURA

GGDavis Report - Internet Backbone & OTT Defined

Cable v Broadcast Industry News

MCADAMS on NCTA-NAB-Aereo in Court

TV Tech Mag - Interesting Times with Comcast-TWC deal

NetFlix-Comcast Deal Reveal

MCADAMS on Net Neutrality

GGDavis/R19CWAC Letter to Frontier Communications

GGDavis/R19CWAC PURA docket 14-01-46 Letter

GGDavis/R19CWAC Soundview v PURA REQ for Comment

R19CWAC 2013 Annual PURA Report Filing

SVAC 2013 Annual PURA Report Filing

ATT sells CT wireline Business for $2B

Lowest Cost Basic Cable Web Chat Transcript

$6.3B Charter CEO Offer to TWC

Cord Cutting - 2013 totals

R19CWAC14-01-14-Chairman Report


Chairman Report - 2yr PEGPETIA Grants List

SVAC Meeting Dec 2013 - Agenda-Oct 2013 Minutes

Chairman's Letter to Sen Kane-PEGPETIA Restore

Chairman's Letter to Rep O'Neill-PEGPETIA Restore

Report: Aereo Legal Push - Bloomberg Article

Report:  Cable Cord Cutters - LA Times Article

Report: CT SB912 now a Sports FANS Act - Article

Chairman Analysis and Comment on PA 08-159 Nov 2013 Report

Detailed Summary Review of PA 08-159 Nov 2013 Report

Subscriber Fee Policy for PURA Nov 2013 Report

Legislative Repairs for PA07-253 -Nov 2013 Report

12 Nov 2013 Region 12 Board of Ed's Contacts Report

12 Nov 2013 CT Gen Assembly Contacts for Region 19 Report

12 Nov 2013 Region 19 Town Contacts Report

Region 4 Chairman PEGPETIA Restore Reference Letter

Public Act 08-159  Reference

Resubmit R19CWAC-13-09-10-M1 to PURA13-07-09

November 12 2013 Chairman's Meeting Report

Atlantic Magazine Article - "NFL Fleecing" October 2013

 Charter Response to CWAC13-09-10-M2-Basic Cable

SVAC 25March2009 ByLaws

SVAC Meeting Oct 2013 - Agenda-Sept2013 Minutes

SVAC Meeting Sept 2013 - Agenda-June2013 Minutes

GGDavis Chairman Report -Council Meeting September 2013

Future of Community Access-Sept 2013 Report

Council Interconnect Initiative Summary Sept 2013

GGDavis Issues Review of  S912

Senate Bill S912 TV Consumer Freedom Act  2013

Council Bylaws Revision Draft Ver 3 10 Sept  2013

 Charter Response to CWAC13-07-09-M2

PURA Response to CWAC13-07-09-M1

Positive Customer Experience from St.Louis 2013

GGDavis Chairman Report -Council Meeting July 2013

Future of Community Access-GGDavis 2 July 2013

Tom Cohen Charter Report July 2013

ATT Interconnect Status Report June 2013

Thank You Carl Braun Letter July 2013

John McCain Cable Bundling Article July 2013

John Malone -TWC Merger Deal Report July 2013

Statewide Video Advisory Council Report June 2013

Council Officer Roles & Duties Report June 2013

Chairman Review of 2012 CAP Report

Chairman Report ATT Interconnect Status

GGDavis Chairman Report CAP Future Issues

GGDavis Chairman Report- CT Legislative Traction

GGDavis Chairman Report 12 March 2013

Cable Advisory Council 2012 Annual PURA Report

Treasury Report 12 March 2013

NY Times Article 25Jan2013 -PaytoKeepTVSportsFansHappy 

SVAC Annual Report 2012  Part 1 Part 2

Letter of  Thanks and Recognition to Mr. Rosen 

Letter of  Thanks and Recognition to Charter 

GGDavis Chairman Report 8 Jan 2013

ATT U-Verse Access Connect Report 8Jan2013

ATT U-Verse PEG Access Survey Form v3

2013 January Litchfield County Program Content -Channel  List

2013 Statewide Video Advisory Council Schedule

 13 November 2012 GGDavis Chairman Report

Newspaper Headline Article - "Cable Monopolies Targeted"

ATT U-Verse Community Access Channel Interconnection Survey

2010 Advisory Council Annual Report

 2011 Advisory Council Annual Report





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